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AcronymFull name of the Agency / Organization


Autorité Aéroportuaire Nationale


Association Nationale des Distributeurs de Produits Pétroliers 

APNAutorité Portuaire Nationale 
AWBAirway Bill
BLBill of Lading
C&FCost & Freight
CAACivil Aviation Authority
CARECooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere
CFSContainer Freight Stations
CNGRDNational Risk and Disaster Management Committee 
COUNCentre d'Operation d'Urgence National 
DLCADigital Logistics Capacity Assessment
DPCDirection de la Protection Civile 
EJOCExpanded Joint Operation Centre
EJOINT Emergency Joint Operations Centre
EOCThe Emergency Operations Centre 
FAOFood and Agriculture Organisation
GPRSGeneral Pocket Radio Service
GRTGross Register Tonnage
IATAInternational Air Transport Association
ICAOInternational Civil Aviation Organisation
IDPsInternally Displaced Persons
ILSInstrument Landing System
IMFInternational Monetary Fund
INGOInternational NGO
IOMInternational Organisation for Migration
ISPsInternet Service Providers
KVAKilo Volt Ampere
LCALogistics Capacity Assessment

United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti

MOUMemorables of Understanding
MTMetric Tons
n/anot available
NDBNon directional beacon
NFINon Food Items
NGONon Governmental Organisation
OCHAOffice of the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs


Office National Aviation Civile

OPROperateurs Portuaires Reunis 
RCResident Coordinator
RoRoRoll on Roll off
SCPVService de Contrôle du Poids des Véhicules
SNGRNational Risk Management System 
SPGRDPermanent Secretariat for Disaster Risk Management 
T&DTransmission and Distribution
TEUsTwenty Foot Equivalent Units
THCTerminal Handling Charge
UNAIDSJoint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS
UNCTUnited Nations Country Team
UNDPUnited Nations Development Programme
UNEPUnited Nations Environmental Programme
UNCTUnited Nations Country Team
UNDPUnited Nations Development Programme
UNEPUnited Nations Environmental Programme
UNESCOUnited Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
UNFPAUnited Nations Population Fund
UNHASUnited Nations Humanitarian Air Service
UNHCRUnited Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
UNICEFUnited Nations Children's Fund
(V)HF(Very) High Frequency
VORVHF omnidirectional radio range
V-SATVery Smart Aperture Terminal
WASHWater, Sanitation and Hygiene
WCOWorld Customs Organisation
WFPWorld Food Programme
WHOWorld Health Organisation
WVIWorld Vision International