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Timor-Leste Fuel Provider Contact List




Physical Address

Name & Title


Phone Number (office)

Description of Services Provided

National Authority of Petroleum and Mineral (ANPM)

Dili, Aitarak Laran

Edifício do Ministerierio das Financas, Floor 6&7, PO Box 113 Dili Timor-Leste

David Da Silva
ANPM Focal Point and Media Communications Officer

+ 670 73099995

+670 73099996

+670 781173397

ANPM -  Autoridade Nacional do Petróleo e Minerais is Timor-Leste's body responsible for managing and regulating petroleum activities and supervising compliance with the rules and regulations covering the exploration, development, production, transportation and distribution of petroleum and natural gas resources.

Pertamina International
Timor, SA



Rua Praia Dos Coqueiros Bebonuk, Dili Timor-Leste

Roni Viera Aniceto

Sales Executive and Focal Point.

+670 3321760

+670 73106060

+670 77602222

Pertamina are a commercial company and serve other fuel suppliers and transporters in Timor-Leste through their depot in Dili, Pertamina do not have any out lets, service stations or trucking fleet capacity in Timor-Leste, though there are many small-medium sized fuel transporters operating in Dili, purchasing fuel either from Pertamina depot or directly from vessels in port.

PITSA has a storage depot in Dili with a privately owned jetty which hosts a pipeline from the quayside to the depots storage tanks in the shore side compound.

The jetty is about 300m from shore and is connected by a permanent concrete gangway, the jetty is around 40m long between the east and west breasting dolphins and is approximately 10m wide, it has a draft of at least 8m and can receive a maximum vessel capacity of 5500 (was 2500) DWT.

The depot hosts 6 storage tanks; total storage capacity is 5,500,000 litres.

Filters are used when loading aircraft in the airport. JET A1 storage capacity in the airport is 2 X 100,000 litres, they have two re-fuelling trucks for the aircraft both 8,000 litres capacity. The trucks are treated with adequate epoxy coatings.

Pertamina have their own extinguishers in both the port and airport depots, and both depots have protection systems against water mixing with the fuel.

Pertamina also have another fuel station which located in Bebora Dili.

ETO Moving Energy (Esperança Timor Oan - ETO)


Rua China Rate
Lahane Oriental
Dili, Timor-Leste

Jose A. Gusmao (ETO Chief Strategic Officer);

Pedro G.D.S Da Costa Marcal (Manager of ETO Hera Fuel Storage and Terminal);


+670 77383270;

Office: +670 3322793

+ 670 77571385

ETO is an East Timorese company and one of the largest local companies that imports, distributes, supplies and sells fuel in the country. ETO currently has a fuel storage depot and terminal in Hera about 17 km from Dili. The Hera facility holds 9.2 million litres of light fuels such as diesel (6 million litres); gasoline (2.6 million litres) and Jet A-1 (600,000 litres).

There is a privately owned jetty with dedicated pipelines for different products from the quayside to the ETO storage tanks.

ETO currently supplies diesel fuel to the National Power Plant in Hera with dedicated pipeline from the quayside into the Power Plant Storage Tanks. The jetty is about 600m from the shore and it is connected by a permanent gangway that can receive a maximum vessel capacity of 20,000 DWT. ETO also has Jet A-1 storage facility (about 200,000 litres) in the Dili International Airport to supply Jet fuel to aircraft.

ETO supplies diesel and gasoline fuel to many fuel stations and outlets in the country, and has its own two fuel stations one operates in Dili and the other one in Manatuto Municipality.

ETO has a large transportation fleet that supports the fuel distribution throughout the country and it also has its own Fuel Quality Testing Laboratory to check the fuel quality based in Hera.

East Petroleum Corporation



Lance Woo

+670 3331026

EPC are in the process of constructing a fuel storage depot with private jetty in Likusisa about 30km from Dili, construction is in progress.

EPC have a sister company, Transglobal, to handle further transportation and distribution.

Gur Salala Group


Rua Villa Verde, Dili


 Mario Alvaro Canelas,

+670 331 1291 

 + 670 724 5555

Fuel tankers available for rent (2x10 mt, 5x5 mt).

Mae de Graca Fuel, Lda


Rua Comoro Rai kotu, Dili Timor-Leste

Lourdes Menezes (CEO);

Deonizio Menezes Fatima Gomes (Operational Manger)

+670 77742317

+670 78742527

Mae de Graca has 2 unit of fuel tankers and are available for rent; there are 2 fuel storage and each storage can accommodate 20 mt. This fuel station also have another station in Bebonuk Dili.

Divita Fuels, Lda




Rua de Tibar front of Police Station

Fernando Da Silva (Executive Director);

Aderito Leo Savier (Opertional Manger at Liquica)

+670 77241156

+670 73333888

6 km ex-Dili, Divita Fuels has own fuel station;  1 fuel tanker for diesels with capacity 12,0000 ltr and 1 fuel tankers for gasoline with capacity 8,000 litres. All tankers available for rent. Diesel storage can accommodate 30-40 mt; Gasoline storage can accommodate 20 mt at the station.

Borala Fuels, Lda


Rua Comoro Round about, Dili Timor-Leste

Genidio Ximenes (Director)

+670 77276695

The company has 3 unit of fuel tankers and are available for rent; there are 3 fuel storage and each can accommodate 20-30 mt. Borala fuels also has another fuel station in Viqueque and Baucau Municipality.

Tiger Fuels, lda


Rua Bebora, Dili Timor-Leste

Robert Crain

+ 670 77230964

Tiger Fuels has 2 unit of fuel tankers and are available for rent; 2 fuel storage and each can accommodate 30-40 mt. The company also has 16 fuel pumps at the station.