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Santo Domingo 

Calle D, Casi Esq. Romulo Betancourt, Zona Industrial de Herrera (Nave Metales y Derivados, Frente a Hormigones Moya) 




809-535-0993 / 809-530-7598 / 



This company covers Santo Domingo and the rest of Dominican Republic.

Olio, Combustible a Domicilio 






Company specialised in fuel distribution and supply to companies, residences, shopping malls and individuals that need fuel for their productive processes and/or domestic use.

Synergy Group 






Provides delivery services and advice on fuel management at the national level, with technical support of the main oil corporations operating in the country.

Refineria Dominicana de Petróleo, (REFIDOMSA) 






Located near the country's main port (Western Haina), it receives crude oil and finished products from the world's largest producers, thus being the main national supplier of gasoline, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), kerosene, avtur and fuel oil.

Asociación Dominicana de Distribuidores De Combustible y Derivados 






Founded with the vision of strengthening the sector of Fuel and Derivatives Distributors of the Dominican Republic.

Gasoil Xpress 






Gasoil sale and distribution with option of home delivery. Supplies fuel to the residential, industrial, mining, maritime, and land transportation sector. It also supplies lubricants and greases for the industrial, maritime and automotive sector; and sells XP3 fuel additive to the commercial and industrial sector.







Network of fuel stations, currently comprises stations in Santo Domingo, Santiago, La Romana, Bávaro, Samaná, Puerto Plata and San Cristóbal.

Rilix Combustibles 






Company specialised in the sale of fuel through gas stations in the Dominican Republic. 

Trans-Diesel del Caribe 






Company engaged in the distribution of fuel throughout the national territory.

Empresas Lluberes 






Company with more than 35 years of experience in the sale of fuel in the Dominican Republic.

Economizador de combustibles 






Sale of fuel economizer.







Company specialised in the sale and distribution of petroleum derivatives. Main offices in Santo Domingo and Santiago

Kinetic, SRL 






Company working on the supply of fuels and derivatives. They also advice on installation, maintenance and repair of tanks and pumps; collection of liquid and solid oil waste, fuel analysis, and training on fuel reception among others.

Combustibles Ecológicos 






Fuel home delivery. Representatives of Innospec Fuel Specialties in the Dominican Republic.

United Petroleum 






Company working on the transportation and distribution of wholesale and retail fuels.

Sigma Petroleum 






Dominican company of distribution, transportation and sale of fuels, with more than 30 service stations distributed throughout the national territory.







Company specialised in the distribution and transport of lubricants, fuels and other petroleum products.

Excom Hispaniola 






Wholesale Distributor of liquid fuels, LPG and natural gas

Grupo Credigas-Nativa 






Business group specialised in the distribution of propane gas and fuels.

Eco Petróleo Dominicana 






Fuel distribution company.

Sunix Petroleum, S.A. 






Subsidiary company of Marti Petroleum Group specialised in fuel distribution.

Shell República Dominicana 






Producing oil and gas for over a century.







Company specialised in the commercialization of petroleum products and complementary services.

TOTAL Republica Dominicana 






Commercialises and distributes energy as part of the low-carbon energy group.