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Timor-Leste Fuel Provider Contact List

CompanyLocation(s)Physical AddressName & TitleEmailPhone Number (office)Description of Services Provided
National Petroleum Authority
Dili Palácío do Governo PO Box 113 Dili Timor-Leste

 Director - Downstream

 Nelson Jesus,

+ 670 742 9185

+670 332 4098

Fax: +670 332 4082

Autoridade Nacional do Petróleo was established on the 1st of July 2008 after The Decree Law passed on the 19th of June 2008.
The National Petroleum Authority/Autoridade Nacional do Petróleo (ANP) is a Timor-Leste's body responsible of managing and regulating petroleum activities and supervise compliance with the enacted rules and regulations covering the exploration, development, production, transportation and distribution of petroleum and natural gas resources.



Operations Manager

 Bruce Carter

+ 670 7324 750
 PDLTOLL have no commercial activities and supply UN mission and agencies only, due to tax exemption status prevent them from supplying any other organisations.
· Currently importing approximately 800,000 litres / month through Dili port, this is transferred from vessel to storage depot by their privately owned fleet of tankers.
· Depot has current storage capacity of 250,000 litres with an additional tanks currently under construction (completion due by November 2009) will provide additional 1,000,000 litres storage capacity in depot.
· PDTOLL have distribution outlets in 13 UN compounds across Timor-Leste.
· PDTOLL tanker fleet comprises 6 X 5000 litres capacity tankers, 5 dedicated to UN and 1 to ISF.

Pertamina Ltd


Marketing representative

 Beny Harto Wijaya

+670 7410072
 Pertamina has a storage depot in Dili with a privately owned jetty which hosts a pipeline from the quayside to the depots storage tanks in the shore side compound.
· The jetty is about 300m from shore and is connected by a permanent concrete gangway, the jetty is around 40 long between the east and west breasting dolphins and is approximately 10m wide, it has a draft of at least 8m and can receive a maximum vessel capacity of 2500 DWT.
· Pertamina are a commercial company and serve other fuel suppliers and transporters in Timor-Leste through their depot in Dili, Pertamina do not have any out lets, service stations or trucking fleet capacity in Timor-Leste. Mr Beni indicated that there a plethora of small – medium sized fuel transporters operating in Dili, purchasing fuel either from Pertamina depot or directly from vessels in port.
· The depot hosts 6 storage tanks;
§ 2 x 250,000 litres tanks for paraffin
§ 2 x 1250,000 litres tanks for gasoline
§ 2 x 1250,000 litres tanks for high speed diesel
§ Total storage capacity is 3,000,000 l litres.
· Filters are used when loading aircraft in the airport.
· JET A1 storage capacity in the airport is 2 X 100,000 litres, they have two re-fuelling trucks for the aircraft both 8,000 litres capacity. The trucks are treated with adequate epoxy coatings.
· Pertamina do have their own extinguishers in both the port and airport depots, and both depots have protection systems against water mixing with the fuel.

Pualaka Petroleum Aniato

n/an/an/an/a+ 670 7270835
17KM ex-Dili is a small private jetty owned by Pualaka Petroleum, they have a small warehouse and a pipeline from the jetty to pumping facility for filling fuel tankers directly from the vessel.
· The draft at the jetty is 6 m
· Pulaka has an average throughput of 2500 KL per month.
· The storage facilities are limited to a hard standing for storage in drums, and can accommodate 100 drums at any given time.

East Petroleum Corporation

n/an/aLance 3331026
 EPC are in the process of constructing a fuel storage depot with private jetty in Likusisa about 30km from Dili, construction is in progress but has been deliberately slowed due to the present global economic crisis.
· EPC have a sister company to handle further transportation and distribution; Transglobal.

Gur Salala Group

DiliRua Villa Verde, Dili


 Mario Alvaro Canelas,

+670 331 1291 

 + 670 724 5555

Fuel tankers available for rent (2x10MT, 5x5MT)

Transport Association of Timor-Leste

DiliRua Jeremias do Amaral M. 246 Dili Harbour area


 Cisara Sanches


+670 7277102 


Transportation rental for delivery, transportation service from ship to warehouse and from warehouse to ship.

Company Country Fuel

DiliAvenida de Portugal Near Motael Church, Dilin/an/a

+670 7273261 

 +670 7254900

Fuel tankers available for rent (24.000 liter, 10.000 liter, 8.000 liter, 5.000 liter)