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Syrian Arab Republic Fuel Provider Contact List

CompanyPhysical AddressNameEmailPhone Number (office and fax)Comments
Syrian Petroleum Companyn/an/a

+963 11 313 7935

+963 11 313 7913

Fax Numbers:

+963 11 313 7979

+963 11 313 7977

Until 1958 oil prospecting activities in Syria were carried out by foreign companies until the Gos granted the commission the authority to carry out exploration and production activities in addition to other tasks (refining, transporting and purchasing of oil derivatives)
In 1964 legislation restricted the granting of licenses for exploration and investment to the government only
In 1974 the Syrian Petroleum Company (SPC) was established, also other specialized companies were established and linked to Ministry of Petroleum and mineral resources
The SPC occupies the most important economic position in Syria; financially its revenues are more than 50% of the national income and socially the SPC employes 16,000 people
The SPC is responsible for all activity related to oil and gas exploration, oil and gas production and other development studies

MahrukatP.O. Box. 40 Damascus, SyriaAli Tahan/a
+963 11 4451348
+963 11 4451349
Fax: +963 11 4445796

Storing & distributing of petroleum products
Transportation, storage, distribution and marketing of petroleum products, LPG and lubricating oils
Construction and investment of tanks, storehouses, pipelines, stations for transport by railways, trailers and refuelling stations
Construction and investment of filling units
Providing the countries needs with petroleum products, both local and imported
Storing and distribution of different types of industrial and lubricating oils

Military Housing EstablishmentP.O. Box 4582 Damascus, SyriaOmar Galawanji n/a

+963 11 581 0011

Fax: +963 11 224 3616

Studies, performing, supevision, industry, agriculture and trading
The Military housing Establishment directs the modernization of heavy industries.
These steps are well studied and meets the needs of the country
The industrial sector in the Military Housing Establishment produces pumping units, fodder driers, conveyors belts, different types of cranes and electric lifts