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Jordan Airport Company Contact List

AirportCompanyPhysical AddressName & TitleEmailPhone Number (office and fax)Description of Services
AllCARCP.O.Box 7547 Amman Area Code 11110 Jordan

Chief Commissioner /CEO

 Capt. Mohammad Amin Al-Quran

Deputy Chief Commissioner/ Commissioner Safety & Security

 Mr. Jawdat Eyadeh Ishaq Al Bqaeen


Air Navigation Services Commissioner

Capt. Diab H. Abu Zaid

Commissioner of Air Transport Economic Regulatory 

 Eng. Khuloud A. Abu Hmaidan

Commissioner Admin. & Tech. Affairs

 Eng. Ahmad F. Azzam 

 +962 (06) 4892282 

Fax: +962 (06) 4891653

Regulate all affairs pertain to civil aviation including safety, security, economic and environment.
Carry out all contractual obligations on behalf of the government with investors, operators in accordance with the civil aviation legislation.
Marka International AirportAmman Marka International Airport Management.Amman Marka Airport
P.O. Box : 7547, Amman, 11110, Jordan.
Eng. Ali Abdul Kader



Fax: +962-6-4892624

Airport Management