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Av. La Molina # 1915, Lima 15012

Miguel Quevedo Valle


+511 313 3300

Ext. 6001 and 6002

Prevent the entry of regulated pests in shipments for import, international transit and to regulated areas, as well as ensure the phytosanitary quality of shipments for export, in support of national production and agro-exports


Avenida Defensores del Morro # 2268, Lima 15054

Luis Moreno Exebio


+511 748 0000

The National Quality Control Center (CNCC), is the line organ of the National Institute of Health (INS), in charge of carrying out the quality control of Pharmaceutical Products, Medical Devices and Health Products, biological products and inputs for human use and veterinary medicine and pesticides, both domestic and imported.


Av. De la Marina No. 3035, Maranga, San Miguel – Lima

Pedro Aguirre Larraín

Gerente General

+511 615 5200

+511 616 5216

The INASSA Group offers services in the seafood, fish and fish meal, pharmaceuticals, drinking water and mining sectors, and also works closely with government and regulatory agencies.


María Salas Arruz

Gerenta General

+511 261 1103

+511 463 0584

+511 463 5217

It is a private entity that is dedicated to providing training services and quality control tests for pharmaceutical products, health products and medical devices. We also carry out verification, calibration and qualification tests on equipment and instruments, in accordance with national official techniques. and international. The analytical services that it provides maintain objectivity, confidentiality and impartiality in the results, based on the Quality Management System, which covers the established international requirements and good laboratory practices (ISO / IEC 17025 and GLP).


Jiron Joaquín Capelo No. 222, Miraflores - Lima

María Ratto Salazar

Gerente General

+511 221 4298

+511 441 3939

It provides analytical testing service in the field of applied microbiology, providing training, technical and professional advice to the food industry, gastronomic establishments, pharmaceutical industry, cosmetic industry, among others. Compliance with the requirements of the WHO Good Practices for Quality Control Laboratories for Pharmaceutical Products, guarantee the quality and integrity of the information derived from research and analytical tests. The Quality Management System is based on the requirements of the NTP ISO / IEC 17025 Standard.


Jiron Almirante Guisse No. 2580

Carmen Vidal Acevedo

Gerente General

+511 222 0518

+511 221 3441

SAT Peru is a private sector company, specialized in quality control and conformity assessment services, Testing, Calibration, Inspection and Certification. For which we have independent, autonomous and competent bodies that guarantee the confidence of the services they offer.


Calle Mariscal Jose de la Mar No. 200, San Luis – Lima

Stevin Soto Vélez

Gerente General

+511 562 0015

+511 562 0022

Intertek Peru is a leading company in inspection services, audits, analysis and certification of products and / or services required by private companies and government institutions. It is ISO 9001: 2015 certified as well as the BASC Norm and Standards. The testing laboratories have more than 150 accredited tests under the NTP ISO / IEC 17025: 2006 standard for various products such as hydrocarbons (including Biodiesel, Gasoline, Residuals, etc.), food (including milk, cookies, bread, hydrobiological products , etc.), oils, waters, among others. It has an inspection area accredited as an Inspection Body under the NTP ISO / IEC 17020: 2012 standard for Sanitary Hygienic Inspection, HACCP, Program for the Surveillance and Control of Fishing and Aquaculture Activities at the National Level, among others. Also as a product certification body accredited under the NTP ISO / IEC 17065: 2013 standard.

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