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Vehicle Rental 

There are numerous rental companies within Zimbabwe who provide a good service at affordable prices.

Rental Car Company  Name

Street / Physical Location

Contact Name


Phone Number

Fax Number

Vehicle Description

AVIS Rent-a-Car





Tel1: +263(04)575431/2

Tel2: +263(09)68571


Mazdas: M3,323, 626, BT50, Famillia

Compact Car Hire

Tel1: +263(04)577736/40

Tel2: +263(04)572029




Tel1: +263(04)750622-4

Tel2: +263(04)752559-61



Imperial Car Hire

Tel1: +263(04)752559/61

Tel2: +263(04)575592/3



Elite Car Rental




Tel1: +263(04)738325

Tel2: +263(04)738326



Hertz Rent-a-Car


Tel1: +263(04)706038-39




ERB Car Hire andTours


Tel1: +263 (04)721023





Tel1: +263 (04)572956

+263 (04)774752



Taxi Companies 

There are numerous taxi related services in and around the country. 

Taxi Company Name

Street / Physical Location

Contact Name


Phone Number

Fax Number

Vehicle Description

A1Taxi ServiceCo.(Pvt)Ltd

Head Office

12 Market Street, Box 75



Tel1: +263(04)706996/7

Tel2: +263(04)722221


Toyota Corolla

Cream Line Taxis




Tel1: +263 (04)703333

Tel2: +263 (04)704758



Toyota Corolla, Mazda

Avondale Minifare Taxis & Car Hire (Pvt) Ltd

New Avondale Shopping centre

Box A285 Avondale




Tel1: +263(04)336644

Tel2: +263(04)336616/8Fax: +263(04)


Toyota Corolla

Rixi taxi Service Co-op Ltd

5 Samora Machel Avenue, Box 5535




Tel1: +263 (04)753080/1

Tel2: +263 (04)724222



Toyota Corolla


Freight Forwarding Agents

During the 1990’s the agricultural sector broke into the International Market by meeting all the EU standards. As a result horticulture, dairy and numerous other commodities were traded overseas. This meant a need for a wide range of clearing agents to meet the demand. Today a number of these companies are operating at less than optimum capacity but still have the skills to cater for exporters. 

Freight Forwarder Name

Street / Physical LocationEmailPhone NumberFax NumberFreight Forwarding & Clearing services

Speedlink Cargo

Queensway Shopping Centre,P.O.Box H88,Harare 

Tel1: +263(04)668966/7

Tel2: +263(04)575192/3

Fax: +263(04)620060 
Exzim Freight34 Douglas Rd, Workington,Harare, Box 2558 Harare    
Mitchell Cotts29 Birmingham Road,Harare, +263(04)759935 Road, Rail, Air freight clearing
Professional Consolidators (Pvt) Ltd

5 GreenTrees Rd, Willowvale, BoxST620, Southerton,Harare

Tel1: +263(04)661066

Tel2: +263(04)660668


Road Transport customs clearing

Paul Edwards ShippingCo.

Unit1, 16 Lisburn Rd, Workington,BoxST498, Southerton,Harare


Tel1: +263(04)770859/66

Tel2: +263(0)772401665


ECULINE Cargo Operators

Unit1, 32 Shepperton Rd, Graniteside,BoxA960, Avondale Harare





Airline Freight Services

CargoVillageHarare Airport,BoxA42 HarareAirport


Tel1: +263(04)575439

Tel2: +263(04)575259



Customs Clearing Companies

Company NameStreet/Physical LocationContact NameEmail AddressPhone Number
Customs Services67 Coventry Road, Workington, HarareStephen Mafarachisi/Brian 04777685/77   Mobile: 0773063708
CMC Shipping and Freight2nd Floor IHK Building 30 South Avenue HarareAmanda Mbanoamandam@cmcfreight.comTel: 263 2901132-4 Mobile: 0779 479 667 
Freight Solutions9 Hillside Road Hillside HarareHenry 263 778526-28
Freight World (Pvt) Ltd100 Kelvin Road South, Graniteside, HarareFelix 755595-9 Mobile: 0772 430 900 / 0712 413 160
Express Cargo t/a Ipcress Investments18 Kopje Pavilion, 79 Belvedere Road Kopje, HarareToga MuseroIpcresszw@gmail.comTel: 710162 / 710163 Mobile:  0772 661 894
Manica Zimbabwe Limited91 Coventry Road, Workington, HarareTim, 666751-9 / 575148 Mobile: 0772 820 427 / 773 372 769
Mitchell Cotts Freight Zimbabwe29 Birkingham Road, Southerton, HarareDJ Motsi/Prrick 757021-3 / 759935-40 Mobile: 0773 964 298
Southern Business Services2 Sandringham Drive Alexander Park HarareJerita 263 250730-3 Mobile: 0772 339 679 / 0772 565 818
Fr8 Afrique Transport & Logistics3 Ellsworth Road Belgravia HarareNyasha Garaba/Demus +2638677107270/+2634252620   Mobile: +263783037612
Vari-Freight (Pvt) Ltd48 Northhampton Crescent Eastlea HararePatricia Nyaradzo Kupfuwa/Munyaradzi 776284/776991


Handling Equipment 

There are a number of handling equipment companies available. However for the majority of companies they use manual system to handle.

Company  Name & Address

Street / Physical Location

Contact Name


Phone Number

Fax Number

Equipment description

(for sale or rental)

Premier & Lego Forklift Services

12 Shepperton Rd, Graniteside P.O.Box 2743,Harare

Moses Sibanda

Sales &

Tel1: +263(04)753618/9

Tel2: +263(04)755430



8Tn, and 2Tn petrol

Engine Tapta Forklifts





Tel1: +263 (04)753964

+263 (04)753974


CMED Central Mechanical Equipment Department


Mr. Pasipamire 

Tel1: +263(0)772568350




ColumbusMckinnonZimbabwe(Pvt) LTD







Electricity and Power 

ZESA are the main power provider and are committed to the provision of safe and reliable electricity and related services to all in a fair and cost effective manner. 

Main Producer / Distributor & Address

Street/Physical Location

Contact Names & Email


Phone Number

Fax Number


Zesa Head Office Electricity Centre

25 Samora Machel Av P.O.Box377

Harare, Zimbabwe

Fullard Gwasira


Tel1: +263(04)774508/35

Tel2: +263(0)772420220


The situation is very different in different parts of the country. In Harare, in the centre, where the office is located, power cuts are less frequent than in the rest of the city, where electricity is not available most of the day. In Masvingo power cuts happen every day, in Beitbridge not as much. Finally, in Mutare the warehouse is located next to the electricity service provider, therefore power is stable. Installing generators with sufficient capacity should be a priority for every WFP office and warehouse. WFP should also ensure that its partners have generators as well as fuels supplies, in order to ensure continuity of work and data transmission. ZESA regards Hospitals, Sanitary facilities, Security, Border Posts, CBD and Airports priority in times of shortage. Although not adhered to this is generally the norm in cities and areas of high importance.


Production Unit


Installed capacity (MW)

Current Production (MW)









HararePower Station




BulawayoPower Station




Munyati (Kwe Kwe)









HCB -Mozambique



ZESCO -Zambia



Snell – DRC



Supply fluctuates with availability in the region and the demands by the economies that supplyZimbabwe. Refurbishments of various facilities are underway but there is no definite time line for the completion of these projects.


Power Stability

Power grid / network coverage

Generally good – extensive @ 65% to 75% ofZimbabweof both high and low voltage

Is supply regular and constant throughout the country?

Yes                     No

Please describe

Erratic, due to theft of cable, and limited generation

On average, how often does power supply go out?

Country wide average two to three times per week

On average, how long does the outage last?

5 or more hours