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Vanuatu Food Suppliers, Accommodation and Other Markets

4.11 Vanuatu Additional Service Provision Contact List

Main Food Suppliers

Food Suppliers

Rural people typically produce most of what they eat, supplementing this with luxury foods (rice and tinned fish) purchased in stores.
Everything is imported, it is very expensive to buy from wholesale in Vanuatu. There is no miling capacity in Vanuatu therefore there is no CSB or Unimix available. Rice has become a major food component in the Pacfic (To replace Unimix/CSB). Stores are replenished about every second month and is dependant on the arrival of boats


Suppliers of other commodities

Apart from Wiclo, which is a big store, all the other shops are quite small and only replenish their stocks 2 to 3 times per year, therefore it is unlikely that these suppliers could support a big operation without an impact on the local market

Further information on main food suppliers and a detailed list of food and non food items can be found in the following documents:

Vanuatu Food Suppliers, Accommodation and Other Markets Additional Information

Vanuatu Local Supplies Market list


Accommodation is readily available in Port Vila and in the other main centers such as Tanna and Santo