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Nicaragua Food Suppliers, Accommodation and Other Markets

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4.9 Nicaragua Additional Service Provision Contact List

Nicaragua is a country of farming traditions. Has a total of 3.6 million hectares of great fertility. Approximately 70% are not being carved and 60% of the country are wooded areas with lush vegetation and fauna.

The basic grains are the primary diet of the Nicaraguan population. 79% of the national production of basic grains (rice, beans, maize and sorghum) is in the hands of small and medium producers (PMP). The production of basic grains is one of the main pillars of the Nicaraguan economy, the increase in food prices, rising input and transport from increased fuel prices, offers an opportunity and demand investment in food production.

However, there are many factors affecting the productivity of staple grains such as availability and access to certified seeds (quality: genetics and plant); scarce and expensive resources for credit; insufficient technical support, production in marginal areas for cultivation; climate change; insufficient infrastructure for storage and limited market development.

Currently the country produces 1.2 million tons of grain for their own consumption. Nicaragua has production shortfall in rice, sorghum and yellow corn; not in national red white corn and beans. However there are conditions to increase domestic production, up to 5% according to projections from 2013 to 2014 MAG.

Main Food Suppliers

The Nicaraguan Basic Food Company (ENABAS) is part of the Public Agricultural and Rural Sector is dedicated to providing services Processing and Storage of basic grains in support of the Productive Sector Priority Small and Medium producers, with a presence of many years. ENABAS Infrastructure consists Metal Storage Silos and distributed throughout the national territory with a storage capacity of 185,000.00 ™. This company operates as a provider in an emergency and price regulators as required by the Act.

AGRICORP is one of the leading producers of Nicaragua rice and wheat flour. The other company products include rice, beans and baked goods. The flour mill has two plants in Chinandega, near Port of Corinto.

Mills of Nicaragua, S.A. (MONISA), Nicaragua is a private equity firm with over four decades in the market. Produce and sell wheat flour, balanced animal feed and chicken. Production plants make use of good manufacturing practices (GMP) and are certified food safety standards (HACCP) to guarantee the quality and health of all its products.


In Nicaragua there are hotels of various categories from small family hotels and hotels to luxury, quality, service and international prestige. In the country there is capacity for accommodation in humanitarian contexts that provide customer safety. Intercontinental Metrocentro, Managua Intercontinental, Princess, Holiday Inn, Hotel Barcelo Managua, Hotel EX, Hotel Camino Real, Hotel Las Mercedes: Here hotels regarded as the safest presented.Ver detalle de Hoteles Anexo 2.4.9

Additional Operational Support

According to WFP demands, other non-food vendors in the local markets as tents, water pumps, pipes, water tanks, computer equipment / computer, office furniture, drinking water, among others. Have the capacity to meet the demands in humanitarian contexts.