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Yemen Telecommunications

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There are a number of systems of communications in Yemen. TeleYemen is the exclusive provider of international telecommunications for Yemen—fixed-line and wireless mobile companies, telex, and Internet services—and is one of the mobile-phone operators.In 2003 the government-owned Public Telecommunications Corporation assumed full control of TeleYemen, and a year later it awarded a five-year management contract to France Telecom.

The infrastructure of the domestic system consists of microwave radio relay, cables and tropospheric scatter. The international network consists of three Intelsat (two Indian Ocean, and one Atlantic Ocean), one Intersputnik and two Arabsat satellite earth stations, and a microwave radio relay to Saudi Arabia and Djibouti. Since unification in 1990, efforts have been made to create a national telecommunications network.

Telephone Services

Is there an existing landline telephone network?

(Yes / No)



Does it allow international calls?

(Yes / No)


On average, number and length of downtime periods

Usually downtime periods are relatively short and irregular, reconnection is usually within 24 hours anywhere in the country.

Mobile phone providers (List)

Yemen Mobile, Sabafon, MTN, and WAY.

Estimated availability and coverage

(Approximate percentage of national coverage)

Overall coverage is close to 100%, through using different providers for different areas.

Telecommunication Regulation

Attaining importation clearances for telecommunications equipment is very difficult in Yemen as there are stringent procedures in place due to the current conflicts and levels of insecurity in the country.

Licensing procedures

In addition to usual custom clearance procedures telecommunication equipment also requires approval from the importation committee which comprises; National Security, Airport / port Security, Political Security and Ministry of Telecommunications in addition the MoFA approval. For further details see 1.4 Customs information; sections; 1.4.1 Duties and tax exemptions and 1.4.2 Customs clearance.


Regulations on usage or import of:

Yes / No

Regulating Authority



Telecommunications Importation Committee

HF Radio


Telecommunications Importation Committee

UHF/VHF/HF radio: handheld, base and mobile


Telecommunications Importation Committee

UHF/VHF repeaters


Telecommunications Importation Committee



Telecommunications Importation Committee



Telecommunications Importation Committee

Individual Network Operator Licenses Required

  •  n/a

Frequency Licenses Required

  •  n/a

Existing Humanitarian Telecoms Systems

UNDSS operates a radio room in UNDP compound in Sanaa, their contact details are as follows:
Direct Line : +967-1-448860
Cell Phone: +967-712222415
VHF Call Sign: SS Base (Sierra Sierra Base)
HF Call Sign: MSS (Mike Sierra Sierra Base)

UNDSS operates a radio room in UNHCR compound in Aden, their contact details are as follows:
Cell Phone: +967-712222460
VHF Call Sign: AS Base (Sierra Sierra Base)
HF Call Sign: MAS (Mike Sierra Sierra Base)

UNDSS advised to maintain the confidentiality of their radio frequencies, for inquiries or further details please contact the radio room directly.

UNDP have 1 active repeater in Sana'a and have two active frequencies although they are only using one and are authorized by the ministry of telecommunications to have three.

UNDP had plans to establish another repeater in Harad, however the equipment has not yet been cleared for importation.

UNHCR have a repeater established in Aden that they are sharing with UN agencies

Most UN agencies in Yemen have a VSAT established.

Existing UN Telecommunication Systems







VHF frequencies

Sharing3 ChannelsSharingSharingSharing

HF frequencies

Sharing12 ChannelsSharingSharingSharing



Yes2 – Sana'a and Aden1 - AdenYesYes