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Of 2014 total exports (US$ 646 mil.) 70% rough timber   70% of value of total exports were to China 

Of 2015 total Imports (US$ 440 mil.) 25% petroleum, oils etc., 9% rice, 4% foodstuffs. Share of imports from Australia 27%, share from Singapore 26%

Most necessary products can be procured on the local market. There are a number of competing importers and retailers that meet local demand. They have the ability to scale up if required to meet increased or surge demand. 

In general, local produce can feed the local demand at a basic level, most households have gardens and access to livestock or fish that will sustain them even in the aftermath of natural disasters, this is particularly relevant in the provinces and outer islands where food security is not an issue.

It should be noted that although Solomon Islands imports quite large quantities of food, this is for variety not survival.

There are no major manufacturing or production capabilities in the country.

Generic country information can be located from sources that are regularly maintained and reflect current facts and figures. For a general overview of country data related to the service and supply sectors, please consult the following sources:

The Observatory of Economic Complexity – MIT (OEC):


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