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There is no reliable data available for daily wages for casual labour. No recent daily SMIG ( Salaire minimum interprofessionnel garanti) nor daily SMAG ( Salaire minimum agricole garanti) have been published. The monthly SMIG has averaged F CFA 60.000 since 2015. Standard working hours are 40 hours per week in the non-agricultural sector and 48 hours per week in the agricultural sector. There are generally 14 days of paid holidays per year.

Social security charges are to be paid by the employer:

Social Security5.75% (wages limited to F CFA 70.000/month)
Accidents 2 to 5% (wages limited to F CFA 70.000/month)
Pension scheme

4.80% (wages limited to F CFA 1.647.315 F CFA/month)

(Employee will also contribute 3.20% of his wages for his pension scheme)

Indicative gross yearly salaries (Source: Munéris 2000 – JPR Consultants)

CategoryFunctionMedian LowMedianMedian High
ManagementManager, CEO19.880.00027.036.00037.416.000
Middle ManagementHead of department9.624.00013.500.00017.676.000
Lower ManagementEngineer, Auditor,7.020.0008.898.00011.976.000
Qualified staffAnalyst, programmer, chief nurse, staff assistant4.428.0006.132.0008.784.000
StaffIT officer, technician, secretary2.892.0003.960.0005.592.000
Qualified employeesStorekeeper, cashier, IT operator1.812.0002.424.0003.480.000
EmployeesDriver, messenger, asst. accountant1.248.0001.716.0002.436.000
Qualified laborersMaintenance, production1.500.0002.232.0002.964.000
LaborersSpecialized laborers1.092.0001.512.0002.064.000

Type of labour

Local Currency



Daily general worker (unskilled casual worker)

3000-3500 FCFA



Daily general worker (semi-skilled)

3500-4000 FCFA



Skilled labour

10000 FCFA