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As parts of NTB are a tourist area, there is a bounty of additional service providers available to meet requirements.  Refer to the Additional Service Provider contact list for specific information of identified providers.

Please see the following link for information on Indonesia NTB additional service provider contact details:

4.11 Indonesia Additional Services Contact List

Vehicle Rental

Vehicle rental is readily available within the NTB province.  Vehicles can be rented individually or with the included services of a driver.  It is worth noting that daily rental rates may exclude the cost of fuel, this will be charged separately.  However an all-inclusive rate can be negotiated if required.

Taxi Companies

Taxi companies are plentiful within the NTB province and are a reliable method of transportation around the island.  Upon arrival at the ferry ports, sea ports or airport there are nation-wide taxi companies available to provide services.  Meters are in use in the taxi’s and the passenger should ensure that it is switched on at the beginning of their journey.

Freight Forwarding Agents

Freight forwarding agents are available within the NTB province.

Handling Equipment 

There is cargo handling equipment available at the main cargo port of Lembar.  In addition, handling equipment is available for rental if required.  

Electricity and Power 

Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) is Indonesia's second-largest state owned company by assets.   The management is headed by the President Director.  He then reports to a government-appointed board, who in turn report to the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources.  The Ministry is responsible for supply of electricity throughout Indonesia.  Whilst the stability and reliability of electricity has improved throughout the country, outages are still a common occurrence.  Outages generally last for a few hours, however they can occur multiple times a week.

The existing electricity generation in NTB province is 99% from diesel power plants and 1% from minihydro power plant.  The location and the production capacity of the electricity units are listed below.


Production Unit

Type [1]

Installed Capacity (MW)

Current Production (MW)

 North Lombok





[1] E.g. Hydroelectric power, Thermal power...

Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

Internet Service Provider (ISP) can be found everywhere especially in all cities and districts capitals throughout NTB province, most of them offer broadband internet access.

The main internet providers are P.T. Telekom, PT. Indosat and PT. Lintasarta.

Internet Service Providers

Are there ISPs available?

(Yes / No)


Private or Government


Dial-up only (Yes / No)


Approximate Rates


 350,000 (IDR)


 350,000 (IDR)

Max leasable ‘dedicated’ bandwidth