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Yemen Additional Service Providers: Vehicle Rental, Taxi Companies, Freight Forwarding Agents, Handling Equipment, Power Generation and ISPs

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4.11 Yemen Additional Service Provision Contact List

Yemen Additional Service Providers Additional Information 

Vehicle Rental

For a list of vehicle rental companies, please select the contact list provided above. 

Taxi Companies

There are ample taxis and taxi companies operating in Sana’a and the main centers. Taxis are identified by their either all mustard yellow color or they are white with yellow. They may have a taxi sign atop, but all taxis can be identified by their mustard yellow license plates that say “ajarah” (as in for rent/hire). Most taxis are not metered.

Freight Forwarding Agents

For a list of freight forwarding agents, please see the link above to the contact list provided above and the following documents:

Logistics Cluster_Yemen_Transporters and Clearing and Forwarding Agents_Contact List_Yemen_150504.xls

Logistics Cluster_Yemen_Transporters List Per district_150504.xls 

Logistics Cluster_Yemen_Djibouti Clearing and Forwarding Agents Assessment_August 2017 

Handling Equipment 

For a list of handling equipment agents, please select the contact list provided above.

Electricity and Power 

  • Yemen is attempting to meet its rapidly growing power needs while reducing its dependence on oil for electricity generation.
  • According to Yemen's Public Electricity Corporation (PEC), the country's electricity distribution network is inadequate.
  • Electricity shortages are seen as limiting economic growth in Yemen. Currently, it is estimated that only 35 percent of the urban population and 5 percent of rural households have access to electricity from the national power grid; only 42 percent of the total population has access to electricity.

For additional information on Electricity and Power providers and for information on Electricity Generation, Distribution, Supply Electricity and Power Stability, please select the following document:

Yemen Additional Service Providers Additional Information

Production Unit

Type [1]

Installed Capacity (MW)

Current Production (MW)

Ra's Kanatib (NUEN)




Al Mukha (NUEN)




Hiswa (NUEN)Steamn/a110
Local NUEN StationsSteamn/a410
Local Non - NUEN StationsSteamn/a290

[1] E.g. Hydroelectric power, Thermal power…

Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

For further information on Internet Service Providers, please select the following document:

Yemen Additional Service Providers Additional Information

Internet Service Providers

Are there ISPs available?

(Yes / No)


Private or Government


Dial-up only (Yes / No)

No, Dial-up, ADSL, GPRS and V-SAT are all available.

Approximate Rates





Max leasable ‘dedicated’ bandwidth

ADSL 1024 Kb/s, DSL 2048 Kb/s



Please note that this is not an exhaustive list. WFP maintains complete impartiality and is not in a position to endorse or comment on any company’s suitability as a reputable supplier/service provider. The list is provided for general information only and the inclusion of a company on the list does not imply recommendation by WFP