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In every district centre there are places where casual labor gathers, normally near bazaars. They are hired by businessmen needing to load or unload trucks. Casual temporary construction labor is also recruited from these gathering points. Semi-skilled workers able to operate machinery and power tools are available. Labour rates in Dushanbe are higher than in the regions. There is much more demand for casual labour in the winter so fewer people gather. Most men with skills are working in Russia at least seasonally. The outflow of workers to Russia has caused domestic wage rates to increase.There is almost no organized labour in Tajikistan. 

The rates provided in the table below are for regions. Dushanbe labour rates are 10% to 20% higher. 

Labour Rate(s) Overview


Cost (USD)

Exchange Rate USD to TJS as of June 18

Daily General Worker (Unskilled casual labour)



Daily General Worker (Semi-skilled labour)



Skilled Worker