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This aspect is being regulated by the Labour Code of the Republic of Armenia. The market situation of manual labour in Armenia has the following features:  

  • there are many individual workers, that can be found through online platforms (such as;  
  • there are legal entities that offer manual labour services; 
  • there are several companies (mainly big companies that are engaged in selling of construction materials) that have grouped many workers specialized in different aspects and offer their services. 

Usually there is no problem in availability of manual labour. The only issue that can be faced is the inability of the service provider to issue an invoice, therefore, generally contracting legal entities who subcontract or hire individual workers is more efficient and easier. 

Labour Rate(s) Overview 


Cost (Local Currency & USD - $) 

Rate as of 01 May 2019 

Daily General Worker (Unskilled casual labour) 

8000 AMD - 17 USD 

1 USD = 481 AMD 

Daily General Worker (Semi-skilled labour) 

10000 AMD - 21 USD 

1 USD = 481 AMD 

Skilled Worker 

15000 AMD - 32 USD 

1 USD = 481 AMD