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Commercial transportation services are readily available in Aceh, Nias Island and North Sumatra. The majority of transporters are stationed in the cities (Banda Aceh, Medan, Lhokseumawe, Langsa and Meulaboh and Gunung Sitoli). Many Medan based transportation companies also have representatives operating in Aceh.
Supply Routes

  • Goods supplied to Meulaboh typically originate from Medan or Java and are transported via Banda Aceh; which takes approximately 24 hours (more than 800 kms).
  • Many transporters avoid routes via the West coast of Aceh considering the road conditions (narrow, steep, mountainous, NB: a 600 kms trip can take 24 hours).
  • Goods supplied to Central Aceh usually originate from Medan and are transported by two different roads; to Kutacane and Blang Kejeren via Kabanjahe and to Takengon and Bener Meriah via Bireuen.
  • Goods supplied to Simeulue, Banyak and Nias islands are usually sourced from Medan; while goods supplied to Sabang Island typically come from Banda Aceh.
  • Suppliers for the islands generally use small trucks (Cold diesel truck) loaded onto ferries at the inter-island ports located throughout Aceh and Nias Island.

For information on Aceh and North Sumatra Transporters contact details, please see the following link:

4.2.9 Indonesia Transporter Contact List