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There are over three thousand transport companies operating within Zimbabwe. They include commercial transport companies and own-account operators. The operators are registered with the Zimbabwe Road Operators Association, and this is mandatory for all interested transporters. The industry is slowly growing despite the prevailing economic challenges affecting the country. The country is using multicurrency, since 2009, with the United States Dollar dominating the market. The economy has been fairly stable since then, although the issue of liquidity crunch slowly affecting the market. The transporters are providing their services locally and regionally, depending with their capacities to service these routes. The 2008 economic difficulties forced a number of these operators to find work outside the country and operate across the SADC region. Many of the larger companies have fared well through these times but the smaller ones have struggled with upkeep and maintenance. The countries road network has allowed a sound industry to develop and being the regional gateway through transit routes transporters can cope with capacities and product types across the board. Transport requirement for most shippers is seasonal. Most parts of the country require transport services for the movement of tobacco, cotton and maize grain, especially soon after the summer season. In some cases, transporters are engaged by some NGOs, usually during the humanitarian food assistance. Very few transport users require transport services constantly throughout the year, e.g. mining and manufacturing. The current capacity is more than enough to meet domestic requirements. Foreign operators can provide transport services, but with specific conditions. Currently there are very little, if any, foreign operators in Zimbabwe. The Transport in Zimbabwe website provides a link to some of the popular transport companies in Zimbabwe.  There is no active transporter association in Zimbabwe. However, at the regional level there is FESARTA that represents transporters from east and southern Africa. Some of these transporters are based in Zimbabwe. FESARTA is able to provide valuable information on the haulage and freight transport market in case of emergencies. The contact for FESARTA is their Chairperson, Mr Mike Fitzmaurice and he is reachable via:

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