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Timor-Leste Transporters

According to the ADB road network assessment:
Transport demand and vehicle ownership in Timor-Leste are modest. However, both have been growing substantially over the last five years.
The heaviest traffic flows, in excess of 1,000 vehicles per day (without motorcycle), are on the northern coastal road.

Weather and coffee production are two major factors affecting traffic:
The rainy season has a direct impact on traffic patterns. The duration of the rainy season can vary for different areas of the country, between an average of 4 months (from December to March) and 8 months (from November to June).
Landslides and flooding, which are common during the rainy season, cause frequent road closures. Another factor affecting traffic patterns over the year is the location of the coffee production and harvesting activities.
The coffee harvest season peaks between August and September. During that season the light & medium truck traffic in the coffee growing areas and between them and Dili increases significantly.
There are a small number of heavy trucks, about 90 in total, used mainly for transporting containers and large equipment, but the narrow road width and difficult terrain do not allow for large truck operations in Timor-Leste.
Currently, land transport services between the Timor-Leste mainland and the Oecussi enclave are complicated. All people crossing the border, from West Timor in Indonesia, are required to have passports with valid Indonesian visas, and Indonesian visas can be obtained only in Dili. Thus, currently the number of people and vehicles crossing is still low although it is increasing.
Although the transportation market in Timor-Leste is notably immature, there is a variety of transportation companies operation, from established companies to private owners.
A selection (by no means exhaustive) from across the range of transporters is listed below.


Vehicle TypeEstimated Total 2005Estimated Total 2009
Pickups, vans, and minibuses3,3033123
Light & medium trucks2,1672127
Heavy & specialized trucks6189

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