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General Transporters

WFP in Pakistan maintain there our transport shortlist, these transport shortlist is reviewed every year, WFP has in place a transport roster who can carry out transport activities in time of emergency or in normal circumstances, there are different shortlist of transporter available for different routes in Pakistan,

1) Overland

2) Peshawar-Pakistan

3) Quetta-Pakistan/Afghanistan

4) Peshawar-Afghanistan


1Seven Star TradersPES/AFG
2Qureshi GoodsPES/AFG
3Bakhtar MuslimPES/AFG
5Nasrullah Khan & CoPES/AFG
6Shafiq Obaid Transport CoPES/AFG
7Abbas Khan Transport CoAFG
8Falak International GoodsPesh
9Gul & CoPesh
10Allied Carriage CorporationPesh
11Haji Mohammadi & CoQTA
12Quetta Pak Afghan GoodsQTA
13Haji Said Fareen & SonsQTA
14Sahlimar Goods TransprotQTA
15A.K TradersQTA
16Asian Business EnterpriseQTA
17M.Abbas & Co. KHI
18Iqbal & CoKHI
19Jam Goods Carriage ContractorKHI
20Syed Abdul Wali & Co.KHI
21Humayun & CoKHI
22Murad & CoKHI
23Supreme CarriageKHI
24Tracon Services Pvt LtdKHI
25Shadab Movers Carriage CompanyKHI
26M.R. Logistic (Pvt.) Ltd.KHI
27National Logistics CellKHI
28Haji Muhammad FarroqMZB
29Khawaja Abdul Aziz & CoMZB
30Pak Neelum Goods Forwarding AgencyMZB
31New Awami Goods Forwarding AgencyMZB
32Mushtarka Neelum Goods Forwarding AgencyMZB

Gwadar Transporters

Transport market in Gwadar is limited with no established transport companies and brokers operating. Local transport is mainly engaged (80 percent) by the fisheries; as the only commodity moving out from Gwadar is fish.  Few refrigerated containers and mostly small capacity trucks with ice boxes were visible in abundance.

On need basis, transport from Karachi and other cities is arranged to support the market, which entails certain risks and cost implications. In addition, it is worth mentioning that some of the transport companies from Karachi/Quetta are familiar and well-connected to induvial agents in Gwadar.

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