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Nicaragua Transporters

Ground transportation in Nicaragua is regulated by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure MTI. There are specific regulations for collective urban and interurban transport private. Freight transport will operate only vehicles that meet technical standards, the features and technical specifications which have been laid down in Regulation 524 of this Law Act trucking.

The transfer of special cargo higher than the parameters previously established weights and dimensions, require a special permit and a liability insurance and casualty, this insurance shall be acquired Nicaraguan border posts should not have it.

In the Pacific region, there ease of renting trucks of any capacity and can be hired when required. through private owners, cooperatives or unions.

In the RAAN Region 4x4s are mandatory for all roads and can also be a must during the rainy season on the main roads. Heavy transport available in the primary (dirt / gravel) roads up to 15 tons, the transport market in the RAAN is mainly composed of 6X4 and 6X6 Russian Kamaz Kamaz and Super.

Limited commercial fleet available in the RAAN and RAAS, but arrangements can be made with traders in the Pacific for the lease of the truck fleet.

For information on transporters contact details and fleet sizes, please see the following link:

4.8 Nicaragua Transporter Contact List