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The Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) through The Petroleum Regulatory Agency (PRA) regulates the fuel sector in the country. There is no local production of fuel and fuel is usually imported from either Abidjan, Cotonou or Europe. There are three authorized importers in the country:

  • Total
  • Petroleum SL 
  • Randlyn Petroleum

Each of the three has its own storage arrangements: Randlyn Petroleum is renting the facilities of the old refinery and Petroleum SL Ltd is using the National Petroleum (NP) facilities of 800,00 mt at Kissy Port. NP has a storage capacity of 50,000 mt for its own use.  

The three importers sell the fuel to the five Oil Marketing companies which are:

  • TOTAL SL Ltd
  • National Petroleum Company (NP)
  • Randlyn
  • Leone Oil 
  • Safecon

Those five resell the fuel to the different dealers who will sell it to the retailers and the public. 

The importation of the fuel is limited for the time being due to the limited capacity of the old Jetty at the Freetown port. There is a new jetty which will be operational by the end of 2015 that will improve the import facilities. The new jetty will be managed by the Petrol Jetty Company jointly with the SLGOV.  

TOTAL SL Ltd is the only company authorised to import JET A1 in the country.  

Information may also be found at: which is updated monthly.

For more information, please see the following links:

4.1 Sierra Leone Government Contact List

4.7 Sierra Leone Fuel Provider Contact List

Fuel Pricing

The prices are verified every two weeks by the PRA based on the average price for two weeks of the World Market Price (PLATTS). The Petroleum pricing formula takes into account average price plus the excise duty, the road tax and the exchange rate to the dollar. When these figures rise by 5% there would be an increase in the pump price of fuel and when it falls below 5% there will be a decrease in the pump price of fuels. 

Fuel Prices for General Public as of: 19.11.2015 (local currency and USD - $)

Petrol (per litre)

 3,750 SLL / $0.8725

Diesel (per litre)

 3,750 SLL / $0.8725

Paraffin (per litre)


Jet A1 (per litre)

 3,750 SLL / $0.8725

Fuel Prices for Duty Free as of: 19.11.2015 (local currency and USD - $)
Petrol (per litre)3,724.43 SLL / $0.86655
Diesel (per litre)3,753.19 SLL / $0.87324
Paraffin (per litre)n/a
Jet A1 (per litre)3,392.85 SLL / $0.78940
Fuel Prices for commercial sector as of: 19.11.2015 (local currency and USD - $)
Petrol (per litre)4,342.96 SLL / $1.01046
Diesel (per litre)4,542.95 SLL / $1.05699
Paraffin (per litre)n/a
Jet A1 (per litre) 4,358.63 SLL / $1.01411


Seasonal Variations

There are no seasonal variations in the fuel supply in the country. 

Seasonal Variations

Are there national priorities in the availability of fuel?


Is there a rationing system?


Is fuel to lower income/vulnerable groups subsidized?


Can the local industry expand fuel supply to meet humanitarian needs?


Is it possible for a humanitarian organization to contract directly a reputable supplier/distributor to provide its fuel needs?


Fuel Transportation

Fuel is transported in the country by sub-contracted transporters. The only constraint is the bad condition of the roads during the rainy season. The current capacity can meet the local needs as well as any increase in demand from the humanitarian community. 

Standards, Quality and Testing

Sierra Leone Standards Bureau is the bureau in charge of standards on fuel quality and enforcement of such standards. A national testing laboratory exists at the aforementioned bureau which certifies if the fuel is good to enter the country or not. If not, the importer will have to resell it outside the country. 

Industry Control Measures

Tanks with adequate protection against water mixing with the fuel


Filters in the system, monitors where fuel is loaded into aircraft


Adequate epoxy coating of tanks on trucks


Presence of suitable fire fighting equipment


Standards Authority

Is there a national or regional standards authority?


If yes, are the standards adequate/properly enforced?


Testing Laboratories

Are there national testing laboratories?


Fuel Quality Testing Laboratory


Sierra Leone Standards Bureau (SLSB)


Ferry Junction, Kissy

Telephone and Fax

+2327620 2010 (Deputy Mr. Bah)


Mr. Dumbuya, General Manager