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Lebanon Fuel

In Lebanon, fuel is provided by private companies. Currently, there are no supply constraints. Fuel is primarily imported into Lebanon from neighbouring Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries.

Information may also be found at the Ministry of Energy and Water which is updated weekly. - as well as Website of Mytravelcost on Lebanon which is also updated monthly. 

The by-products of oil prices is given by the Ministry of Energy and Water in weekly bases depending on the international oil prices.

Contact information can be found at the following links:

4.1 Lebanon Government Contact List

4.7 Lebanon Fuel Provider Contact List 

Fuel Pricing

(as of 5 September 2016) 


Fuel Prices  (local currency and US$)

Petrol (per litre)

98 Octane: 1.090 LBP / 0.720 USD

95 Octane: 1.060 LBP / 0.700 USD

Diesel (per litre)

635 LBP / 0.419 USD

Paraffin (per litre)


Jet A1 (per litre)

 3.12 USD


Seasonal Variations 

Seasonal Variations

Are there national priorities in the availability of fuel?


Is there a rationing system? 


Is fuel to lower income/vulnerable groups subsidized? 


Can the local industry expand fuel supply to meet humanitarian needs? 


Is it possible for a humanitarian organization to contract directly a reputable supplier/distributor to provide its fuel needs?


Fuel Transportation

Fuel transport is carried out via fuel tankers owned by private companies. Current capacity is sufficient for local needs, as well as potential increases in demand from the humanitarian community. In case of an emergency/conflict the main challenge would be to maintain a supply route via air/sea as the country is a net fuel importer.

Standards, Quality and Testing

The Industrial Research Institute (IRI) situated in Baabda, was established in 1953 and is an internationally accredited Lebanese institution for studies, industrial research, and scientific testing and analysis.

The Institute operates laboratories and scientific equipment in fields including Petroleum and Derivatives, Physical Chemistry, Water, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Metrology and Calibration, and others.

Industry Control Measures

Tanks with adequate protection against water mixing with the fuel

(Yes / No)


Filters in the system, monitors where fuel is loaded into aircraft

(Yes / No)


Adequate epoxy coating of tanks on trucks

(Yes / No)


Presence of suitable firefighting equipment

(Yes / No)


Standards Authority

Is there a national or regional standards authority? (Yes / No)



If yes, are the standards adequate/properly enforced? (Yes / No)


Testing Laboratories

Are there national testing laboratories? (Yes / No)


Fuel Quality Testing Laboratory – Industrial Research Institute (IRI)


 IRI Building


Lebanese University Campus 
Hadath (Baabda), Lebanon

Telephone and Fax

PABX / Fax: +961 (5) 467831


 The Industrial Research Institute