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Most of the oil extracted in Iraq is exported.

In KRI the fuel from internal national refineries provenience does not cover 100% of fuel consumption needs. Privately owned gas stations are authorized to import fuel and sell at a higher price compared to government owned gas stations. According to our cross checking with Ministry of Petroleum on 09.12.2018 Petrol and Diesel is sold at 650 ID in government-owned gas stations. Until now, private gas stations in the KRI are allowed to sell the standard Beiji fuel and imported fuel at around 850 Iraqi Dinars, and diesel at 700 ID/l, Petrol Super at 950 IQ/L and Kerosene at 705 IQ/L while government-owned outlets offer price of ID/l

The current different price, and importation liberalization might terminate.

“The Kurdistan Regional Government is the sole supplier to all petrol stations in the Kurdistan Region. This move will benefit consumers, introduce a uniform standard of petrol quality in Erbil, and will help to protect Kurdistan’s environment,” stated a Ministry of National Resources directive from March 2015.

“The Kurdistan Region has two main refineries, Bazian and Kalak, and Kurdistan now is self-reliant in petrol as the new benzene processing facilities at these plants has come on line.

Governmental petrol station can only be used by government vehicles, while private petrol stations are used by the rest of the population for private or business use.

For contact information, please see the following link: 4.7 Iraq Fuel Provider Contact List