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Generally all services that might be required by an agency are available in the Solomon Islands There is a range of quality and skill sets available, the top tier are of international standard. Services are largely confined to the capital Honiara and to a lesser extent Auki, on the island of Malaita. The many smaller islands and the less populated have few services and rely on water transportation of required services from Honiara. There can be disruption to all and any services due to weather extremes experienced during the cyclone season (Nov – Apr) that result in interrupted shipping schedules, both international and interisland. These supply issues are generally of a short term nature (less than a month)

Telecommunications, Power Generation, Water (Honiara), Aviation and Port facilities are SOE’s. Private company involvement is largely confined to food and retail rather than the major infrastructure sector. There has been and continues to be, on-going support for infrastructure projects from foreign governments and aid agencies, notably, NZ, Australia,.China and Japan.