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Most large infrastructure and utility services are supported by the Palau national or state governments.  Services such as electricity supply, fuel supply, roads, ports, and airports are all government-owned and managed, although private businesses manage some of the services, (such as The Malakal Port Management.)

Palau has a close association with the US market in terms of goods imported, although good imports from Asia are increasing. The retail and business sector relies on the import of goods from China, Taiwan, Korea and the United States. 

Palau has a strong tourism industry, and as such, a lot of services are based on the hospitality sector, i.e. accommodation, restaurants and diving. There are three main supermarket stores; Sarangel and WCTC are multi-sectorial family businesses who not only provide food and clothing but also homewares, hardware, white goods, sports goods and have construction, travel and other businesses associated with their enterprises. There are two main locally-owned hardware stores, Ace Hardware and Masons Hardware (a subsidiary of WCTC).

There is a total reliance on imported goods. Goods are relatively expensive and small local convenience stores are scattered throughout communities for small daily-use items. 

Small entrepreneurs operate niche services and stores based on the importing of goods, which range from computers, clothing, stationary supplies, boat motors and beer to engine oil. 

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