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Until February 2020 El Salvador had a wide variety of goods and services suppliers. Economy was going up. However, due to the lockdown of more than 75 days, the country will not open 17% of the companies, according to the Chamber Of Commerce. Banks, pharmacies and supermarkets were the ones that didn’t close business during the lockdown period.

Food production was not stopped, and in support imports via land, sea and air were approved by the government to continue.  Any regional food or non-food item or service can be found with restrictions. In addition, in order to provide support in re-opening, the government has a project for small and middle companies, by providing funds and has opened a website ( to promote their products.

It is worth to mention that there is need to be careful when buying. Many companies who´s type of business, per example, appliance / computer products maintenance services, no longer sell their services/products due to the COVID-19.  Now they sell hygienic, personal protection products without having a certification for the new business. Clothing companies now sell hygienic products, etc.

From January 2021 to date, economic activity continues to normalize, jobs had a reduction during the pandemic, however they began to recover in 2021. In general terms, the Central Reserve Bank projects an economic growth of 4%, by 2022.

Delivery and logistics services suppliers had increase, mainly in the urban area, providing service in motorcycle.

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