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Ukraine has been traditionally a grain processing and grain producing country. Climatic terms and unique fertile land surfaces allow a considerable grain harvest and producing groats and flour of high quality. Today it is one of the world’s biggest producers and exporters of grain and has an enormous, well developed and modernised systems for milling.

Ukraine grow, mills and exports and processes hundreds of millions MT of various foods per year. The majority of  mills are privately owned. Some are still state, incorporated in the state food reserve. The overwhelming majority of Ukrainian mills are rather powerful following  a tradition of Soviet industry to create big enterprises but small milling enterprises which produce a high-quality meal and bread are emerging as well. A basic group of commodities comprises the following variety of groats: wheat groats, yellow peas polished (whole, split), defatted corn grain, corn flour, millet polished, unground buckwheat, grain pearl-barley as well as pulses.

Milling Companies

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