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Libya Milling Assessment

For information on Libya Milling company contact details, please see the following link: 

4.6 Libya Storage and Milling Company Contact List


Libya buys in approximately 80% of the 1 million tons of the wheat it consumes annually, purchasing approximately 400 thousand metric tons (TMT) of durum, 350 TMT of bread wheat, and 400 to 800 TMT of flour and semolina per year. Other essential purchases from abroad include rice, corn oil, yeast, sugar, and tea. Responsibility for ensuring that all Libyans have access to a plentiful and affordable supply of basic food items lies with the National Supply Corporation(NASCO), a non profit state-owned government agency. Founded in 1971, NASCO is considered one of the most important achievements of the Libyan revolution. Through its activities in import, storage and distribution, the agency has unified food costs throughout the country, protecting Libyan consumers from fluctuations in international prices and minimizing the burden of inflation.

The National Company for Flour Mills & Fodder :

The National Company for Flour Mills and Fodder was founded in 1973 based on Decree Number 36/1973. Later in 01/07/1996 the General National Company for Semolina was joined to this company to form one company. The company has its main office in Tripoli - Libya, and it operates a number of production, storage and distribution facilities in different locations throughout Libya . The activities of the company include the following areas:

  • Flour Milling facilities
  • Production of Fodder
  • Marketing of products inside and outside of Libya
  • Import and distribution of fodder in Libya
  • Production of Semolina and Noodles