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4.6 Algeria Storage and Milling Company Contact List

According to the International Grains Council, Algeria’s total grains production in 2009-10 will come to 5.1 million tonnes, a sharp increase on the 1.7 million produced the year before, due to much improved weather. The wheat crop is put at 3 million tonnes, up from 1.3 million. Barley is put at 2 million, up from 400,000 a year before.

Total grain imports for 2009-10 are estimated at 7.5 million tonnes, down from 8.9 million the year before. Wheat imports are estimated at 5.2 million tonnes (6.3 million) maize at 2.2 million (unchanged) and barley at 100,000 tonnes (400,000).

However, Algeria’s national cereals office, the Office Algerian Interprofessionnel des Cereals (OAIC), retains an important role. "Up until 1995, OAIC maintained a monopoly of cereal imports. It still accounts for most of the wheat that’s imported," she said. "We reckon that there are about 300 private sector mills, which account for 7.4 million tonnes of total milling capacity, which we reckon is about 10 million tonnes."

Djelfa MillFlour 360 t/24 h
El Aouinet MillFlour380 t/ 24 h
El Harouche MillFlour380 t/ 24 h
Ksar El Boukhari MillFlour360 t/24 h
Mahdia MillFlour360 t/24 h
Oum El Bouaghi MillFlour380 t/ 24 h