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Warehouse storage throughout Fiji is limited and any available space is centred around Suva and Lautoka on Viti Levu.  Storage on Vanua Levy is limited and poor quality and cannot be relied upon

Emergency warehousing where available can be requisitioned by the Govt through the NDMO in case of a State of Emergency existing. Temporary storage through the use of MSU and containers is the most feasible solution

 In the case of a natural disaster choice of sites may be limited and although the list is not exhaustive the follow site have been identified on the basis of

  •  Proximity to ports for incoming goods shipping
  • Proximity to airports for income good arriving by air
  • Outside of Tsunami prone areas
  • Good connection to King Road and Princess Road as the main axes out of Suva

The survey was not comprehensive but the following attributes were tentatively considered.

  • Security
  • Raised land unless otherwise indicated
  • Access to vehicles
  • Surrounding operating space.

Viti Levu


CDP warehouse Lami



  • CDP site for Temporary shared warehousing
  • Site works and drainage required




Fiji Procurement Office Site

  • Low site vulnerable to water will need raising.
  • MSU on site
  • Secure location
  • Goods can be transported from Lautoka Port or Nadi Airport
  • Tentative consent given for use

Nadi International Airport

  • Secure
  • Controlled by Fiji Airports
  • Tentative consent given for use
  • Dry raised ground
  • Close access to runway
  • Close access to Major roads


Lautoka Port

  • Secure
  • Adjacent to Port
  • Hard ground free draining
  • Close access to major road
  • Close access to port authorities


Domestic Landing

  • Adjacent to Domestic Landing
  • High ground
  • Secure

Raki Raki

Raki Raki District Council grounds

  • Dry raised area
  • Insecure, potentially vulnerable
  • Congested traffic area
  • Adjacent to Red Cross container storage

Vanua Levu



CDP Depot

  • Limited area tight for MSU will hold 3 containers
  • Secure and fenced
  • Not fully hard base.
  • Adjacent facilities

Savusavu Airport

  • Secure
  • Close to runway
  • Only small volume arrivals short runway


Saqani Works Depot (Saqani Jetty)

  • Secure/fenced
  • Good road access
  • Adjacent building
  • Road to Saqani Jetty


Labasa Airport

  • Secure
  • Out of flood area
  • Adjacent to Buildings
  • Direct access to runway
  • Near Govt authorities
  • Good road access
  • No labels