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Uzbekistan Storage Assessment

For information on Uzbekistan storage company contact details, please see the following link: 

4.6 Uzbekistan Storage and Milling Company Contact List

Commercial Storage

Total number of warehouses/stores : 8
Total storage surface : 5000 m²



Available for Rent


mt / m² / m³

Type [1]

Access [2]

Condition [3]

43Jarkugan Str.TashkentOSC “AGROTAM’MINOT-BS”n/a5000 M2Open Storage / ConcreteGoodAcceptable

[1] Warehouse Type: Open storage, container, rub-hall, silo, concrete, other, unspecified

[2] Warehouse Access: Raised-siding, flat

[3] Warehouse condition: Appears intact, appears damaged, under construction/repair