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Turkmenistan Milling Assessment

Milling Company UNIONMATEX Industrieanlagen GmbH TURKMENISTAN BRANCH

Processing of Plant Raw Material

  • mills for production of flour, grist and semolina
  • bakeries and pastry production
  • production for pasta, macaroni and pelmeni
  • mills for vegetable oil production
  • canned fruit and vegetable, fruit juice, ketchup
  • breweries, restaurant breweries, production of champagne
  • potato processing to French fries and chips

Processing of Animal Raw Material

  • butcheries / meat processing to sausage, meat for trade, canned sausage and meat
  • milk processing: dairies, cheese factories

capacity of 50 thousand tons of grain and a workshop for production of the same amount of flour per year.

Company Name & Address

Contact Names & Email

Telephone & Fax

B. Annanov (1955), No. 12
744036 Aschgabat

Name: n/a

Title: n/a

Email: n/a

Web: n/a

Tel: + 993 12 43 8940

Mobile: + 993 658 171 74

Fax: + 993 12 43 8940

Summary of Role and Services:

see above

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