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Storage in Israel and Palestine is not a problem and warehouses are available in all cities. 

In Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, Haifa, Ashdod, Ashkelon, Gaza City, Rafah, Ramallah, Nablus, Hebron and Jenin there are commercial warehouses available for rent, each with capacity of 100m² – 2,000m² 

For more information on storage company contact details, please see the following link: 4.6 Palestine Storage and Milling Company Contact List

Commercial Storage 

Overseas Commerce Ltd is an Israel-based company, which is engaged directly and through its subsidiaries in the management and operation of cargo and container terminals. The Company operates cargo and container terminals under the supervision of customs, bonded warehouses, free warehouses, and logistics services. The Company’s services include: Cargo Terminals, Warehouses, Logistics Services and Overland Transportation and Distribution. Overseas Commerce Ltd’s activity sites include Overseas Ashdod, Overseas Haifa and additional facilities, such as a bonded warehouse and an air cargo terminal at Ben Gurion Airport. The Company’s subsidiaries are: MFI Logistic Solutions Center Ltd and Destination Logistics and Distribution Ltd, both providing logistics services. 

Overseas Commerce Ltd - Dun's Guide

Ashdod Bonded

Gold Bond Conterm 

Group 207

Logistics Companies in Israel Directory

Storage Used by Humanitarian Organizations 



Sharing Possibility (Yes / No) 

Capacity mt / m² / m³ 







2,500 m² 




Gaza (central) 



2,000 m² 





[1] Warehouse Type: Open storage, container, rub-hall, silo, concrete, other, unspecified 

[2] Warehouse Access: Raised-siding, flat 

[3] Warehouse condition: Appears intact, appears damaged, under construction/repair 

Cold Chain 

Along with all the other complexities associated with transporting goods, cold chain logistics require strict adherence to maintaining temperature thresholds for each delivery. Monitoring humidity is required in perishables transportation, complying with manufacturers' thresholds.  

Cold chain services are available at all major storage and logistics service companies.  

All Cargo Logistics Services - Cold Chain 

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