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There is no commercial or public sector storage available for rent or lease on the main Island of Rarotonga. Shipping containers are the main form of storage used apart from some warehouses owned and fully utilised by private wholesale companies. Community halls or the community safety shelters would be utilised in case of a natural disaster.

A similar situation exists on the outer islands however there are many churches and community centres that could be utilised for storage in a disaster situation. In addition many islands have unused packing sheds left over from now defunct agricultural operations.

For more information on storage company contact details, please see the following link: 4.6 Storage and Milling Companies Contact List

Commercial Storage

There are no commercial storage facilities.


Storage Used by Humanitarian Organisations

Those humanitarian agencies present rely on shipping containers or privately owned buildings for storage of any disaster relief contingency stocks held in country.

Public Sector Storage

There is no public sector storage available. 

Cold Chain

There are no cold chain storage facilities available. Refrigerated containers may be used.



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