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4.6 Algeria Storage and Milling Company Contact List

No warehouses facilities available at the port of Oran, and all food aid, are directly transported up to the Extended delivery Point (EDP) in Rabouni near Tindouf.

Officially the warehouse/storage facility compound at Rabouni is managed by the Algerian Red Crescent (ARC), however practically; it’s managed by the Sahraoui Red Crescent (SRC) according to a bilateral agreement signed between the two parties. 

The current storage facilities at Rabouni consist of the following:

  • One 800 m2 warehouse built in 2004. This store is in good shape, and just recently maintenance / repairs  were carried out to the doors, and also increased the ventilation in the warehouses which is mainly used for sensitive / short shelf- life commodities such as Corn Soya blend. The building has a capacity of about 1000 MT.
  • Seventeen concrete open platforms, built  from 2002 to 2004 (sixteen of 200 m2 and one of 240 m2). The steel framework supporting the roofs of some four of these platforms is damaged; thus, only twelve are currently covered. Repairs and maintenance are required to maximise the use of this space. The platforms suit the high temperature conditions by maximizing air circulation for sensitive food, such as the wheat flour. Total estimated capacity for these platforms is around 4250 MT.
  • There are a significant number of shipping containers, many of which are not in good condition. While these are mainly used as perimeter barriers, some are also used for food storage due to insufficient storage space. Commodities can be damaged by storage in these containers due to the high temperatures. The estimated storage capacity of these containers is around 2500 MT, corresponding to about 250 containers.
  • Two hard-wall (metal) hangars built in 1998, which need maintenance such as repair to a damaged entrance and of some of the zinc roofing sheets. Due to insufficient ventilation the doors to these hangars must be kept open all the times. These two hangars have an estimated capacity of 700 MT.
  • One 1200 m2 warehouse, recently built in excellent condition with an estimated capacity of 1500 MT.

Based on the above, the total current storage capacity amounts to some 9950 MT including the containers.
Although another 1000 m2 warehouse exists, this store, built by the Spanish Cooperation, is used principally for non-food items and other humanitarian aid rather than WFP food. As such, it is not taken into consideration above at the time being, but can be used during emergencies.

Commercial Storage

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Tindouf (Rabouni)



5920 M2

21 ( 2 w/h, 17 platforms and 2 hungers)



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