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Yemen Railway Assessment

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There are no rail networks currently in existence in Yemen; according to the MoPIC the government of Yemen has developed a strategy for the potential development of a rail network:

  • Complete the study of the comprehensive layout of the railways network.
  • Seize and possess the lands required for routes of the proposed railways lines, which will be defined by the study.
  • Issue the necessary governmental decisions to introduce railways' method of transport (seizure of routes) within the new organizational layouts of expansion for the entire Yemeni towns.
  • Set out an executive program for establishment of Yemen railways network to consolidate Yemen's competitiveness, regionally and internationally.
  • Obtain finance, to start execution plans and studies of the railways projects; from the private sector due to the positive effects those projects have on the environment and the national socioeconomic situation.
  • The Government participation with the private sector (ppp) and encouraging it to invest in the railways' projects and that is by giving all possible incentives.
  • Preparation of legislations in connection with railways, particularly railways law, in the future.
  • Participation in the regional and international railways activities