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South Sudan does not have an extensive rail system and current rail infrastructure, which was constructed between 1959-1962, and what has been left over from the previous Sudan government is in a serious state of disrepair. In 2010, the track was rehabilitated through the MDTF’s US$48.5 million National Emergency Transport Project (NETREP) with the aim of revitalizing the sector and increasing cargo and passenger transport capacity into the area, however current rail operations have been suspended due to border closures, unserviceable equipment, a lack of capacity, and non-operational rolling stock.
The single, 1067 mm (3’6”) gauge, 446km rail connection linking Babanusa in North-Sudan to Wau in South Sudan forms part of a rail transport corridor that extends up to Port Sudan and which forms an important transportation link into South Sudan’s Northern and Western Bar El Ghazal states with a 248km link from the border to the major towns of Aweil and Wau. Regionally, however, there has been a shift towards road transport due to the relatively high rail tariff costs, unreliable service and unavailability of adequate assets and general poor management.
When reopened, and rail capacity fully realized, the railway line could serve as a key part of the domestic transport system, and even though the government has indicated the desire to revitalize and extend the network, the current emphasis is on the expansion of the road network and any transport costs will, for the foreseeable future, be constrained by road competition.

Railway Companies and Consortia

No railway companies or consortia are currently operating in South Sudan. Historically, railway companies were owned and operated from Sudan through the Sudan Railways Corporation and when the line is reopened the SRC is the most likely company to continue services along this route.

For information on South Sudan Railway network contact details, please see the following link: 

4.2.1 South Sudan Government Contact List

4.9 South Sudan Railway Companies Contact List

Capacity Table

Rail Operator Capacity

Sudan Railway Corporation

Operates on (lines)

All (4578km)

Max train length and/or pulling capacity


Locomotives (electric/diesel/steam)

Diesel (130 Mainline, 54 Shunting)

Freight Wagons (covered) / size

4781 (mixed)

Freight Wagons (flat bed) / size


Freight Wagons (high-sided)/size


Freight Wagons (drop-side)/size


Key Route Information

Standard Route Information

 Babanusa – Rumaker (South Sudan Border)

Rumaker – Aweil

Aweil - Wau

Track gauge

Single gauge, 1067 mm (3’6”)

Single gauge, 1067 mm (3’6”)Single gauge, 1067 mm (3’6”)

Ruling gradient



Total track distance (single and/or double)

Single track: 195,5km

Single track: 113,7kmSingle track: 136,3km

Type of rail (weight and if welded or not)

50 lb/yard

50 lb/yard50 lb/yard

Total track travel time



Maintenance (Good, marginal, bad)



Companies-consortiums operating on line

Sudan Railway Corporation


Traffic frequency (monthly/weekly/daily)



Security (Good, marginal, bad)



Main stations (Add details below)

See below

See belowSee below

Key Stations

Key Station Information
 Aweil StationWau Station





Contact Information

Contact ministry in JubaContact ministry in Juba

Connections with other

transport means


Road onlyRoad and Air

Storage Capacity

(square meters and cubic meters)

Handling EquipmentNoneNone

Handling Capacity:

MT / Hour

TEU / Hour

Other CommentsStation is currently not operational Station is currently not operational