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BURUNDI Railway Assessment

Burundi doesn’t have any railway lines yet; however there is a project to build railways which will connect Isaka (Tanzania), Gitega (Burundi) and Musongati (Burundi) with total distance of 691Km. The project will be funded by African Development Bank

4.9 Burundi Railway Company Contact List

Burundi Railways


Regional railways

Kenya's railway infrastructure spans from the Port of Mombasa to the central highland regions, Lake Victoria and the neighbouring countries.

The railway is connected to Uganda Railways Corporation (URC) by wagon ferries across the Lake Victoria and via Malaba and to the Tanzania Railways Corporation (TRC) through a link from the Tanga line (Tanzania) to the rail network at Taveta (Kenya).

Long term plans are presently underway to extend new railway lines between Uganda, Kenya (through the capital of Mombasa) and Burundi.