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The decade-long civil war in the 1990s severely affected the rail network. Today, rail network upgrading, renewal and expansion are major priorities and there is a strong focus on the alleviation of congestion in urban areas. Algeria’s railways are heavily concentrated along the country’s northern coast. The last year has seen a significant investment in rail infrastructure with a number of major routes being commissioned or upgraded. This is part of the Government’s long-term railway development and modernisation plan for the state-owned rail company, Société Nationale des Transports Ferroviaires (SNTF). Long-distance connectivity along the north coast is also high on the agenda with the Algerian Government investing US$87 billion to develop a 1 300-km high-speed east-west line that will cross the country from Tunisia to Morocco. The line will include branches that will connect with major ports and cities.

Algeria Railways

Travel Time Matrix

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Railway Companies and Consortia

4.9 Algeria Railway Company Contact List

Key Route Information

Algiers to Oran , the train takes 4 hours and departs each day at 15:00 from Algiers Central Station and arrives in Oran at 19:30, 2nd Class: 1.000 DA, 1st Class: 1.500 DA.

Algiers to Annaba, on this route there's a only a slow and less comfortable night train, departing each day at 20:45 and taking all the night for the way to Annaba. As an alternative you can catch the day train to Constantine and take from there a cheap taxi to Annaba.

Algiers to Constantine departing each day at 06:45 and arriving in Constantine at 13:30, make sure that you get a window seat because the train will take you through the scenic kabilyan mountains and wonderful landscapes, 2nd Class: 1.200 DA, 1st Class : 1.800 DA.