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The Darchula customs office is a sub-customs office of Mahakali customs under Department of Customs of Nepal for Sudurpashchim provinceIt lies on the western border between India and Nepal. There is parallel road on the Nepal and India side, but the roads are not connected across the Mahakali river and hence is inaccessible for vehicles. A suspension bridge for pedestrians only is the only means to cross this border between Nepal and India.  

Mahakali-Darchula is a minor border crossing, not rated among the main 23 border crossing points in terms of import share. Therefore this crossing point is not recommended for cargo import and export.  

Boarding crossing –Mahakali, Darchula (Sudurpashchim) 


Border Crossing Location and Contact 

Name of Border Crossing 


Darchula - sub-customs office of Mahakali-Ghatbazar 

Country #1Nepal  
Country #2: India  

Province or District 

Sudurpaschim Province in Nepal  

Uttarakhand, India 

Nearest Town or City with Distance from Border Crossing 

Mahakali Municipality in Nepal - 0 km  

Pithauragad in India - 91 km  


 29° 845641 N 


 80° 539815 E 

Managing Authority / Agency 

Government of Nepal-Ministry of finance Department of Custom-Mahakali-Jhulaghat Custom Office  

Contact Person 

Krishnananda Badu 

Phone: +977-948875508 


Travel Times 

Nearest International Airport 

NameTribhuvan International Airport  

Distance is 970 km 

Truck Travel Time25-30 hrs 

Car Travel time20-25 hrs 

Nearest Port 

NamePurano bazar Darchula  

Distance is 0 km 

Truck Travel Time: 0 Minutes  

Car Travel time: 0 Minutes 

Nearest location with functioning wholesale markets, or with significant manufacturing or production capacity 

Name: Purano bazar Darchula  

Distance i0 km 

Truck Travel Time: 0 Minutes  

Car Travel time: 0 Minutes 

Other Information 


Kolkota is the nearest sea port in India side to import and export third country goods 1640 km away from Darchula takes 35-40 Hours travel time.  

The only one Integrated Check Post with the port facility is available only in Birgunj-Bara in Nepal, which is 990 km away from Darchula takes around 22-24 hour travel time.  


Hours of Operation 


13:00 HOURS   

06:15 AM to 07:15 PM 


13:00 HOURS   

06:15 AM to 07:15 PM 


13:00 HOURS   

06:15 AM to 07:15 PM 


13:00 HOURS   

06:15 AM to 07:15 PM 


13:00 HOURS   

06:15 AM to 07:15 PM 


13:00 HOURS   

06:15 AM to 07:15 PM 


13:00 HOURS   

06:15 AM to 07:15 PM 

National Holidays 


Seasonal Constraints  

Flood in Mahakali river during July and August  

Daily Capacity 

The Mahakali road is usually not congested with traffic and is also in good condition (operates 12 months in a year). However, the road is single-lane. Approximately 500m near the Nepal-India border the road is not black-topped given that the suspension bridge is only for pedestrian purposes, porters are required to transport goods. The nearest Indian city is Pithauragad (91km) and takes approximately 3 hours by vehicle.  

Customs Clearance 

Compulsory documents for custom clearance: 

  • D & T Exemption Certificate  
  • Invoice 
  • AWB/BL/Other Transport Documents 
  • Donation/Non-Commercial Certificates 
  • Packing list 
  • Letter of credit 
  • Certificate of origin 
  • Certificate of insurance 
  • Bill of Lading / Airway Bill 
  • Industry Registration Certificates 
  • Permanent Account Number (with VAT Registration and Income Tax Registration if not exempt) 

For more information on customs in DarchulaSudurpashchim,Nepal, please see the following link:1.3 Nepal Customs Information 

Other Relevant Information 

The delays at Border Posts can be extensive, from 2 days to a week-long. This is not an appropriate crossing border point to import and export goods in huge volume.  

For more information on government contact details, please see the following link: 4.1 Nepal Government Contact List