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Haj Omran is one of the four international entry borders to the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) from Iran. The border is open for passengers as well as cargo. At the time of the assessment, the national Red Cross and the Red Crescent have been the only humanitarian organisations to explore this option.

Border Crossing Location and Contact

Name of Border Crossing

Iraq: Haj Omran
Iran: Temarcheen

Province or District

Erbil Governorate

Nearest Town or City with Distance from Border Crossing

Town Name: Choman Town (30 kms)

City Name: Erbil City (180 kms)





Managing Authority / Agency

Directorate of Haj Omran Customs

Contact Person

  1. Mr. Massud Bately, Director of Crossing Point (0750 455 9074)
  2. Mr. Karzan, Head of Legal Department (0750 454 0259)
  3. Mr. Darsim, Head of Relations Department (0750 445 9178)
  4. Mr. Aras, Relations Department (0750 473 6672)

Travel Times

Nearest International Airport

Erbil International Airport (180 km)

Nearest Port


Nearest location with functioning wholesale markets, or with significant manufacturing or production capacity


Other Information

The distance between Erbil and Haj Omran is around 180 km. The road is well used but very winding in places with narrow bridges.


Erbil- Haj Omran Road

Hours of Operation


24 HRS


24 HRS


24 HRS


24 HRS


24 HRS


24 HRS


24 HRS

National Holidays


Closed 3 days per year:

  • First day of Eid –Alfitir
  • First day of Eid-Aladha
  • Nowroz day Eid Al Ramadan (First day) 

Seasonal Constraints


Daily Capacity

The border crossing has separate crossing lines for trucks and cars, with no reported congestion or operational gaps.

There are no restrictions on items from any countries. Only items purchased in Iran are required to cross-load trucks at the border. However, this does not apply to humanitarian items/agencies.

Trucks are subject to inspection at the border by sampling, and all food items have to be tested. Even if trucks are cleared to move to final destination, food items cannot be distributed until the testing results are received.

No temperature-controlled facilities for food is available; however, a cold chain warehouse is under construction (as of October 2017). Pharmaceuticals have to be transported in reefer trucks, especially in the summer.

There is a warehouse where cargo can be stored in case of delays with clearance. No fee is charged to humanitarian organisations for the first week. After the stipulated period, a cost of 5,000 IQD/mt/night is applicable.

There is a truck-parking bay 30 kms from the border where trucks can be hired depending on the capacity needed. The parking bay can accommodate more than 40 trucks/trailers.

Humanitarian organisations need to have an approval letter ready (prior to the arrival of shipments at the border), in order to avoid any delays leading to storage charges and/or damage of goods.

Customs Clearance

The Government entities at the border crossing point include: the Directorate of Haj Omran Customs, who are the managing authority at the border crossing; the Ministry of Health (MoH) representatives in charge of the inspection of medicines that must receive a stamped approval from the Kurdistan Medical Control Agency (KMCA) in Erbil; the Quality Control department; and the Security department.

There are also representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) in charge of the inspection of agricultural products and animals. The laboratories and inspection facilities are in Choman town, 30 kms west the Haj Omran crossing point.

No customs fee is required if the organisation has a tax exemption letter. However, customs clearance charges apply and are to be paid to the customs agents. There are between 40 and 50 custom brokers working at the entry point.


Required documents for customs clearance:


Packing list- sent with the request to JCC Erbil

In English and Kurdish


Certificate of Origin (CoO)



Certification of Conformity (CoC)

Needed for specific item; Please find attached a list of products that require a CoC: CoC Required Product List


Certificate of Analysis from country of origin (CoA)

Medical shipments only


Invoice /Certificate of Donation



KMCA clearance list/approval letter

Medical shipments only


JCC approval letter



Tax Exemption Letter (TEL)



Product description and technical details

Brochure from supplier helps in the process



Document to accompany the truck


Test results

For special commodities that require it (medical, fertilizers…etc)

Documents 1 - 5 are to be attached on the organisation’s request to the Joint Crisis Coordination (JCC) Centre, depending on the nature of cargo imported. Approval letters 6 - 8 are needed for customs clearance at the crossing point; these will be issued at/by the JCC. Documents 9 - 11 are supporting/shipment documents that truck drivers/custom brokers are required to carry.


Custom Process/Procedures

The documents required for the different types of items imported and the customs procedures are the same as for Ibrahim Khalil, except that the lab test for the samples at Haj Omran is free of charge.

Please find more information on customs clearance procedures of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KGR) on the LCA for Ibrahim Khalil at the following link: 2.3.4 Iraq Border Crossing of Ibrahim Khalil .


Other Relevant Information

For more information on government contact details, please see the following link: 4.2.1 Iraq Government Contact List . 

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