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At this crossing point, there are representatives from the Security, Customs, Phytosanitary, and Immigration. The phytosanitary agents inspect all medical goods and food. There is no bridge to cross the Moa river, therefore the use of the ferry is obligatory. The ferry is managed by the Guineans. On the Guinean side, the National Road n. 16 leads to Guékedou.



Name of Border Crossing:

Yenga [Sierra Leone]

Nongoa [Guinea]

Province or District:

Eastern Province / Kailahun

Nearest Town or City:
(Nearest location with distance from port)

Distance: 4 km





Managing Authority/Agency:

NRA / Joint Security Force

Contact Person

Yenga Border Post Office
23222292734, 23222290544

Mustafa M. Bockarie, Border Patrol Assistant, tel. 076173277 and 077403099

Jonathan T. Gborie, Customs Vigilantee, tel. +23288603858 and +23278693882

Travel Times

Nearest International Airport:

Lungi International Airport

Distance: 507 km

Truck: 2 days

Car: 8 hours

Nearest Port:

Freetown Port

Distance: 455 km

Truck: 2 days

Car: 8 hours

Nearest Major Market:
(Nearest location with functioning wholesale markets,
or with significant manufacturing or production capacity.)


Distance: 41 km

Truck: 4 hours

Car: 2 hours

Other Information:
(Please provide additional details of this route if relevant,
such as information about whether there are fueling stations or weighing bridges en-route.)


There are no fueling stations or weighing bridges en-route.  

Hours of Operation


0600 - 1800


0600 - 1800


0600 - 1800


0600 - 1800


0600 - 1800


0600 - 1800


0600 - 1800

(List dates of closure and hours of operation if different from regular schedule.)

0600 - 1800

(i.e., winter months, rainy season, etc.)

During the rainy season, the access to the border becomes difficult due to the bad condition of the road but the post is always open.

Daily Capacity

The daily traffic is usually 20 persons in majority on motorbikes. There is only 1 trailer per year but trucks of 10 mt are more frequent. In order to cross to the Guinean side, the use of the ferry is obligatory.  The ferry can take up to a 20 mt truck. The vehicles should have a laisser-passer from Freetown endorsed by the immigration. In case a person arrives without a visa then he will be escorted to Kenema office where he can obtain the visa for 30 days. Only one motorbike is available. It takes 20 minutes to finish the clearing formalities. 

Customs Clearance

The goods passing through this post are mostly composed of local products. A manifest is prepared by the drivers and checked by the customs. Depending on the quantity and the type of product, the custom duty is estimated and should be paid cash according to a receipt. For any transit, the documents should be prepared at Freetown and escorted by the customs officials. In case a transit truck arrives at the border, it will be escorted to the main customs office which is located in Baidu. There are 36 crossing points but only two are international borders; the Yenga and Baidu posts.

Other Relevant Information

The goods are inspected by the officials at the border point. 



The ferry at the Guinean side and the canoes used to cross the Moa River. 

For more information, please see the following link: 4.1 Sierra Leone Government Contact List