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Gaur Customs Office Overview 

Gaur Customs is the main customs office in Rautahat districtGaur is a minor border crossing, rated no.14 of 23 border crossings in terms import share, 0.10% of total country import share value during July 2018 - May 2019. 

Besides Gaur customs office there are 5 other entry points in the district; BangkulBrahmapuriAurahiya, Rampur KhapMathiya, which are even smaller and not listed separately in the Nepal customs statistics. The top three land border crossings in Nepal in terms of import and export value, are (1) Birgunj (Prov.2); 34.64% of import share, (2) Bhairahawa (Prov.5); 16.92 % of import share, (3) Biratnagar (Prov.1); 12.25% of import share value during July 2018 - May 2019 (ref: 


Aerial view of Gaur Customs Office


Border Crossing Location and Contact 

Name of Border Crossing 


Nepal: Gaur Border Park 
India: Bairgania

Province or District 

Province 2, Gaur 

Nearest Town or City with Distance from Border Crossing 

Gaur 1 km N 





Managing Authority / Agency 

Department of Customs 

Contact Person 

Rajan Kafle  

Gaur Customs Office 

Gaur Municipality Ward No. 3, Rautahat 

Tel: 055-520110, 9855044220 



Travel Times 

Nearest International Airport 

Tribhuvan International Airport 

197 km 

Truck Travel Time: 10 hrs 

Car Travel time: 6 hrs 

Nearest Port 

Sirsiya Dry Port 

75 km 

Truck Travel Time: 5 hrs 

Car Travel time: 3 hrs 

Nearest location with functioning wholesale markets, or with significant manufacturing or production capacity 


Truck Travel Time: 5 -10 mins 

Car Travel time: 5 mins 


Hours of Operation 


6:00 am to 11:00pm 

National Holidays 

Seasonal Constraints  

Rainy seasons due to flood inundation.  


Daily Capacity 

Private cars are not provided the separate lane. The road is double lane; lane for incoming vehicle and an adjacent lane for outgoing vehicles. Daily to 10 to 12 trucks passes through this checkpoint. In terms of revenue collection, in an average 150 thousand US dollars every month.  

Customs Clearance 

Compulsory documents for custom clearance: 

  • D & T Exemption Certificate  
  • Invoice 
  • AWB/BL/Other Transport Documents 
  • Donation/Non-Commercial Certificates 
  • Packing list 
  • Letter of credit 
  • Certificate of origin 
  • Certificate of insurance 
  • Bill of Lading / Airway Bill 
  • Industry Registration Certificates 
  • Permanent Account Number (with VAT Registration and Income Tax Registration if not exempt) 

Other Relevant Information 

There is no parking space or yard for the trucks withheld for further inspection purpose. There are no warehouses but 4 small rooms are present for storage purposes. Road conditions to border crossing point from India is double lane and is in good condition also the road leading away from the border point into the country is double lane and is blacktopped.