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Mechi Bridge, which is approximately 400 m, separates the border posts on either side of the Nepal-India border. This makes for vulnerable border access if the bridge is damaged during wet season and the river is high. A new bridge is under construction, and it is estimated to be completed in 3 years. Roads are good on both sides of the border. The road to Calcutta is good. India is planning to increase road carrying capacity volume by 25%. Imports from India account for 90% of the traffic at this border crossing. Customs can process up to 400 trucks a day. It is an open border for Nepali / Indian foot traffic, up to 10,000 people per day.


Name of Border Crossing


Mechi Customs Office (Nepal)

Pantanki Land Custom Station (India)

Province or District


Nearest Town or City


Mechi (adjacent)

Bhadrapur (18km) 





Managing Authority/Agency

Intermodal Transport Management Committee

Contact Person

Nirmal Adhikari  
Tel.: 9851161239

Travel Times

Nearest International Airport

Baghdogra, India
Distance: 32 km
Truck: 45 minutes
Car: 30 minutes

Nearest Port

Calcutta, India
Distance: 623 km
Truck: 15 hours (trucks must travel by night)
Car: 10 hours

Nearest Major Market
(Nearest location with functioning wholesale markets,
or with significant manufacturing or production capacity.)

Silguri, India
Distance: 42 km
Truck: 1 hour
Car: 45 minutes

Other Information

(Please provide additional details of this route if relevant,
such as information about whether there are fueling stations or weighing bridges en-route.)

The market is 10 km from Baghodra Airport. It is very large–it takes 1 hour to travel from the fringes to the centre of the market.
Roads to the markets are good with fuel stations on the route.

Hours of Operation


Trucks/Goods: 10:00 – 18:00
Passengers: 06:00 – 22:00


Trucks/Goods: 10:00 – 18:00
Passengers: 06:00 – 22:00


Trucks/Goods: 10:00 – 18:00
Passengers: 06:00 – 22:00


Trucks/Goods: 10:00 – 18:00
Passengers: 06:00 – 22:00


Trucks/Goods: 10:00 – 18:00
Passengers: 06:00 – 22:00


Trucks/Goods: 10:00 – 18:00
Passengers: 06:00 – 22:00
Note: Closed 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month


Trucks/Goods: 10:00 – 18:00
Passengers: 06:00 – 22:00
Note: India Border closed Sunday
Bangladesh border closed Friday 

(List dates of closure and hours of operation if different from regular schedule.)

Generally 3 days at Dashain (Nepal national festival) and up to another 7 days / year at Minister’s discretion.
Note: Will open 24 / 7 for emergencies 

(i.e., winter months, rainy season, etc.)


Daily Capacity

  • Maximum trucks:  300-400 / day
  • Daily average:  150 – 200 trucks / day
  • Operating hours can be extended to 06:00-22:00 for exceptionally high truck traffic if required.
  • Average clearing time: 2½ hours / truck
  • There is rarely a backlog. All trucks are cleared daily. 

Customs Clearance

For information on Nepal customs, please see the following link: 1.3 Nepal Customs Information 

Other Relevant Information

  • Truck parking capacity:  400 trucks
  • Warehousing space: 1,395 m2
  • Shade storage:  1,780 m2
  • Litigation house:  233 m2
  • There are no forklifts available.
  • 60 mt weighbridge available (planning on upgrading to 100 mt)
  • 90% of goods freighted traveling India to Nepal
  • Foot traffic is mixed with vehicles on the bridge and may present logistics safety issues.
  • The bridge (approx. 400 m) is the only access between border posts and if damaged would present logistical problems. A new bridge is under construction with an estimated completion date of 2019.


For more information on government agency contact details, please see the following link: 4.1 Nepal Government Contact List

Truck parking and shade storage

Warehouse storage


Mechi bridge and river. New bridge under construction


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