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Tamu is a town in North West Myanmar in Sagaing region on the border with the Eastern Indian State of Manipur. The nearest large town or city in India is Imphal, with a population of 268,243 (2011 census), which is smaller as Monywa. Although Tamu is on the international Asean road AH1 and planned to be a transport hub for cross border traffic, cross border traffic limited to local trade in agricultural products and some Chinese and Indian goods. There is no large potential for cross-border trade at Tamu without making significant improvements to the AH1 road section from Monywa or Shewbo to Tamu and improving the border transhipment procedures on both sides. Currently no trucks are allowed to cross the border on both sides and all cargo is transhipment by manual labour; hand carried or by using pushcarts. Even with these improvements, Manipur is not a well-developed hinterland.

There exist a security concern in Manipur and the area of Moreh (bordering Tamu, on the Indian side) due to insurgency of separatist Manipur rebels who operate from bases in Myanmar. Businesses and trucks are known to have been targeted in India with illegal taxation at checkpoints setup on highways. (Ref:


Name of Border Crossing:

Tamu (Myanmar) / Moreh (India)

Province or District:


Nearest Town or City:

(Nearest location with distance from port)

Tamu 1 (km)
Kalewa 147 km, 350km Monywa, 476km Mandalay





Managing Authority/Agency:

Border Trade Customs office
Location: 24°12'32.10"N, 94°18'8.69"E

Contact Person

Mr.Min Aung, Staff officer.
Phone: 09-258333589 / 09-49035465

Travel Times

Nearest International Airport:


126 (km)

Truck: 4 hr

Car: 2 hr 35min

Nearest Port:


147 (km)

Truck: 4:45 hr

Car: 3hr 10min

Nearest Major Market:

(Nearest location with functioning wholesale markets, or with significant manufacturing or production capacity.)

On Indian side: Imphal

113 (km), Truck: 4.5 hrs, Car: 3 hrs
On Myanmar side: Mandalay
481 (km), Truck: 17 hrs, Car: 11 hr 45 min

Other Information:

(Please provide additional details of this route if relevant, such as information about whether there are fuelling stations or weighing bridges en-route.)


Road: AH-1 ASEAN road.
Road on the india side is susceptible to landslides in the wet season.
The AH1 has 47 bridges from Kale to Tamu with 24MT weight limit

Hours of Operation


6:00 am – 6 pm


6:00 am – 6 pm


6:00 am – 6 pm


6:00 am – 6 pm


6:00 am – 6 pm


6:00 am – 6 pm


6:00 am – 6 pm


(List dates of closure and hours of operation if different from regular schedule.)

Not closed on National holidays.
9 persons Customs staff.


(i.e., winter months, rainy season, etc.)


Customs Clearance

Average 50 vehicles per day are processed by customs. The main goods exported are beetle nuts, coconut, cigarettes, seasonal fruits (Mango, fruit, legumes) and main imported goods from India are pulses, wheat, cotton yarn, motorcycles. Private cars cannot freely move between the borders. Indian vehicles are not allowed inside Myanmar and vice versa. The vehicles are offloaded in a customs compound each respective country, and then the cargo is moved by manual labour, hand carried or by using pushcarts and motorcycles for a distance of about 1km.

For more information on customs in Myanmar, please see the following link: 1.3 Myanmar Customs Information

Main imports and exports in the month of April 2016 in Tamu:



Weight (MT)








Cotton yarn


Motorcycles, 529 units


Traditional medicine plants



Total (1 month)



Beetle nuts






General cargo (products from China, plastic furniture, electric products)



Total (1 month)


Customs Clearance Process

Customs clearance time takes about 30 minutes, provided the documents are completed and in order. There are no customs clearance fees except the cost of forms: Import declaration form 50 Kyat, export declaration form 40 Kyat. Gross weight of the cargo will be checked. There is no weight bridge, but a scale is used to weigh cargo units.

All imports and exports can be completed in Tamu, it offers a one-stop service for food, medicines and agricultural products. Commercial invoices and letter of credits are not yet required for most local agricultural products because there used to be a barter trade system and invoices were not available for local products. A detailed packing list is not required

As a minimum is required:

  1. Import Licence or export licence (from dept. of Trade). See Note 1 below.
  2. Import declaration form (Cusdec 1) or export declaration form (Cusdec 2)
  3. Commercial invoice or bill of sale.
  4. For agricultural products: A sanitary certificate (from dept. of Agriculture) for agricultural goods. A fumigation certificate or third party inspection certificate for agricultural products (as is required in Yangon) is not required in Tamu.

Note 1: Depending on the type goods as classified according to the harmonised customs HS-code: licenced / un-licenced goods. Un-licenced goods do not require an import & export licence, instead they require only the import and export declaration form and commercial invoice or bill of sale.

Note 2: There is no process possible for goods in transit (form: Cusdec 3) this can only be arranged in Yangon.

Restricted items are precursors (raw materials) for medicines, unregistered medicines, arms & ammunitions, vehicles, radio equipment, illegal drugs, fragrant woods.

Customs duties must be paid for special goods, the same percentage for import and export;

  • Cigarettes:                25%+ special tax 120%+ commercial tax 5%
  • Cigars:                      25%+ special tax 60%+ commercial tax 5%
  • Alcohol:                    25%+ special tax 60%+ commercial tax 5%
  • Wine:                        25%+ special tax 50%+ commercial tax 5%
  • Beer:                        25%+ special tax 25%+ commercial tax 5%
  • Raw Gems:              25%+ special tax 20%+ commercial tax 5%
  • Processed Gems:    25%+ special tax 5%+ commercial tax 5%
  • Double cab pickup:  25%+ special tax 25%+ commercial tax 5%
  • Gasoline/Diesel:       25%+ special tax 5%+ commercial tax 5%
  • Natural gas:              25%+ special tax 8%+ commercial tax 5%
  • Luxury saris, cotton: 25%+ special tax 10%+ commercial tax 5%

Other Relevant Information

In the wet season (June-Oct) volume of cargo is low due to landslides on the Indian side.

For some imported products, like Motor cycles and jewellery, Myanmar has a customs process in place, while the Indian customs does not seem to have (unverified), these products cross the border from India unofficially.

International Banking is restricted in Tamu: it is not possible to make international bank transfers between Tamu and Calcutta (the Main local bank is Kanbawza). This is only possible from approved banks in Yangon.

For more information on government contact details, please see the following link: 4.1 Myanmar Government Contact List

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