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Turkey Roads

Ministry of Transport, Maritime and Communication Web-site

Turkey, being aware of its geographic importance, spends great effort to establish transportation connections between Europe, Asia and Africa. The system of highways network in Turkey is significant to provide national development, unity and general development in the region.

The total length of highway which is under control of General Directorate of Highways is 65,909 km. and made up with three kinds of road:


      •State Highway

      •Provincial Road

General Directorate of Highways is a public entity with special budget financing, under the auspicious of the Ministry of Transport and Communication and responsible for planning, design, construction, maintenance and operation of motorways, state and provincial roads in compliance with the law numbered 6001.

The construction and maintenance of the touristic roads are carried out by General Directorate of Highways through the finance of the Ministry of Tourism. Village, Forest, Urban roads are respectively under control of Provincial Special Administrations, The Ministry of Forest and municipalities.

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Turkey has a network of nearly 349,445 km (census 2004) roads throughout the country. Conventionally, road is the most popular mode of transport through Turkey. The excellent roads connect all the ports to cities and towns as well as to the borders of neighboring countries. For instance, the border with Iran (Bazargan) that is being used for road transport is 1250 km from Mersin/Iskenderun/ Toros Terminal. Similarly, the road distance from these ports to Zaho and Dahuk in Iraq is about 860km and To Suleymaniyah and Erbil is about 1100km. Ministry of Transport and General Directorate for Highways of Turkey manage the highways and motorways.

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Distance Matrix

ADANA 48921219169946
ANKARA489 659680482453
GAZİANTEP212659 1942811115
HATAY191680194 2601137
MERSİN69482281260 939

Road Security

Security: Marginal


Weighbridges and Axle Load Limits

Road Class and Surface Conditions

Roads in Turkey run the full gamut from single-lane country roads to modern, divided, trans-European motorways of European standard. Highways in the tourist-frequented western, southwestern, and coastal regions of Turkey are generally in good condition and are well maintained, while conditions in other areas vary.

In road construction, calcareous aggregates are generally used for unbound base courses, surface dressings and asphalt concrete layers. There has been a tendency towards using harder aggregates in wearing courses with the use of basalt or granite, as these have a greater wear life and maintain anti-skid properties over time. In all, the country uses some 100 million tonnes of aggregate for its road construction programme/year.