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 Sierra Leone Roads  

Road transport is the most dominant mode of transport and represents about 85% of the entire transport system in Sierra Leone. 95% of the inland transport of passengers and goods is carried out on roads. Sierra Leone has a public road network of about 11,700 kilometres of which 8,700 km are functionally classified in the National Road System. The other 3,000 km consists of local roads and unclassified roads and tracks. The Sierra Leone Roads Authority (SLRA) manages the national roads. Ministry of Transport and Aviation (MoTA) provides the policy and regulatory framework for transport management in Sierra Leone. It is the overall body responsible for policy formulation in the area of road safety in the country. The Ministry has the mandate to draft and table amendments of traffic regulations to Parliament. The Ministry of Works, Housing and Infrastructure (MOWHI) oversees the policy guidance and execution of the Road, Housing and Infrastructure sectors in the country. It is in charge of the construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation and overall maintenance of the road sector infrastructure. It took on the management of the feeder roads a few years ago. 



Network Length


Surface Condition    


Primary roads connect the capital with the three provincial capitals, as well as with the district Centres, and also include international routes

2,332 km

925 km

Good in general


Secondary roads connect the District Centres, serve as regional main roads and are connectors between primary roads and other secondary roads
between centres of production and distribution

2,091 km

46 km

Bad during the rainy season


Feeder roads

4,277 km

0 km

Inaccessible during the rainy season


Urban roads

3,000 km

80 km


Approximately 11,000 km of public road network; Approx. 8,000 Km classified in National Road System (NRS); Approx. 3,000 Km local network and unclassified roads and tracks. 

To access the Road Network Government Contact List, please click on the following link: 4.1 Sierra Leone Government Contact List

Distance Matrix

To access the detailed Road Distance Matrix, please see the following annex: Annex VII: Sierra Leone Road Distance Matrix

To view access constraints in Sierra Leone, please see the following annex: Annex VIII: Sierra Leone National Road Condition

Road Security

The road safety situation in Sierra Leone is serious and has deteriorated over the past years, mainly due to the growing numbers of vehicles and ineffective implementation of the road safety interventions. There are currently no routine regular road safety audits in place on the entire road network and no compliance regimes. Local drivers do not follow general road safety rules.

Weighbridges and Axle Load Limits

There aren’t any weighbridges and axle load limits in Sierra Leone even though it is requested by ECOWAS regulations. This lack of limits control affects the roads and their maintenance as most of the trucks are over loaded.