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Liberia Roads

The road network in Liberia is greatly underdeveloped and among the least developed in West Africa. Liberia has a total area of 111,370 km² and a road system with a total length of 10,600 km. Of these, only 657 km are paved while 9,943 km are unpaved. There is major deterioration on all highways due to heavy rains, lack of maintenance, overloaded trucks and the long rainy season which lasts 8 months, during which most of the roads are inaccessible, particularly in Nimba, Lofa, Sinoe, Baporlu and Maryland counties. Out of the 10,600 km roads in Liberia, less than a quarter are classified as all-weather roads. The road between Monrovia and Ganta was paved in 2015 and is in good condition and the road between Monrovia and Buchanan Port is paved and in good condition.  The road between Monrovia and Bo is paved and in good condition.

For information on Liberia Road network contact details, please see the following link: 4.1 Liberia Government Contact List

Distance Matrix

To view the distances between towns in Liberia, please see the following annex: Annex III: Distance Matrix.

Travel Time from Capital City to Major Towns (km)












2 hours

4 hours

3 hours

8 hours

12 hours

8 hours

12 hours

Road Security

Road travel in Liberia can be hazardous. Potholes and poor road surfaces are common, making safe driving extremely challenging. Cars, trucks, and taxis are often overloaded with people and goods and make frequent stops without signalling. Drivers overtake on the right as well as the left. Many vehicles operate with very worn tires and blowouts are frequent. Public taxis are poorly maintained. Intersections must be approached with caution. Many vehicles circulate in the country without carrying a proper registration plate. 

Weighbridges and Axle Load Limits

There are no weighbridges in the country nor there are axle load limits. 

Road Class and Surface Conditions

Primary Roads
Roads can be paved or unpaved and link major cities in Liberia
Secondary Roads
Unpaved roads link smaller villages to primary roads or link primary roads
Generally used by walkers, small motorbikes and sometimes by 4x4.